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Monday, June 07, 2004


Blogs: Finding your voice

All blogs need to have a distinctive feel.

Even yours.

If your blog looks, reads, and parrots every other blog on the internet, your traffic levels will drop.

Like the proverbial stone.

Vikk Simmons, at The Writers' Path has been doing some thinking and writing about finding your voice or blog tone, or as Vikk calls it, your "e-voice".

Vikk believes that successful bloggers need to develop a distinctive "e-voice".

She asks, "What does your e-voice say about you?"

Now there is a question worth pondering.

Many of the best bloggers, and coincidently they are bloggers with solid and loyal followings, have blogs that could only be written by them.

No one else.

Some of the best written blogs may not have the largest number of visitors clicking their traffic counters. They have loyal readers, however, who return every day.

Vikk is certainly right about that. Your readers want to read quality writing. More importantly, they want to read and know you.

If you can provide the personal, along with the top notch writing skills, you will have the best of both worlds.

I suppose my blogging voice tends toward the informative, and less toward the intimately personal. Now there's something you don't see on my blog every day.

A personal comment.

I don't use personal comments about myself for a reason.

This blog is an informational blog, designed to help other bloggers achieve their goals. I try to provide the knowledge, that I have accumulated, through years of often painful experience.

If I can assist even one person to become successful, I'll consider my blogging efforts a success.

Instead of seeing many posts about my personal life, you get the blogging voice of a helpful neighbour here.

Perhaps you could say I have a mentoring voice.

If that's the case, it's fine with me.

Let's work together, and make everyone's blog a successful one.

Over time, you will develop a unique, and high calibre blogging voice.

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