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Friday, August 06, 2004


Creating businesses with bloggers

I wrote a couple of recent posts about how bloggers are prime candidates to get together as associates and create startup businesses.

The logic is sound as bloggers already are aware of the strengths and weaknesses of many other bloggers. The knowledge of the likes and dislikes of potential business associates and partners is essential to a successful business.

The great thing about blogs is the fact that most bloggers have their personalities out there for all to see. For potential business associates, that's a good thing. Facts about other bloggers' personalities and lives will enhance most psrtnerships.

It certainly won't do them any harm. In the longer run, the knowledge of your potential business partners and their character will go far toward creating a positive business experience.

Why do I discuss this idea, you ask?

Well, I'm glad you asked. You are such a cooperative and gentle reader. I'm more than happy to answer.

I believe that within the next one to three years, we will see startup businesses that are a direct result of bloggers joining together, to create brand new companies.

With many bloggers being currently unemployed or underemployed, considering their highly developed skill set of qualifications, entrepreneurship offers a powerful alternative career.

Instead of being concerned with finding a job, bloggers will strongly accept the option of creating their own jobs. I think bloggers are prime entrepreneurial candidates for a number of reasons.

First of all, any person who starts and maintains a blog for any period of time is obviously a self starter. Without anyone giving the order to get a post written and placed on the internet, the blog owner simple does it. Being a self starter is an important trait in small business ownership.

A second characteristic of bloggers is related to the first. It's the ability to make a committment and stick to it. In the case of blogging, it's writing and posting a daily column of interest to the regular readers. That caring about readers readily translates into such things as strong customer service and product support.

Bloggers are extremely likely to be highly literate. As writers of words and communicators of ideas, businesses operated by such individuals will probably be strong on public relations, communications with the public, and in prepearing marketing literature.

Many people arrive at their blogging career from backgrounds in the media, public relations, sales and marketing, or as writers. All of those qualifications are powerful additions to any successful startup business.

As early adopters of a cutting edge concept like blogging, the new business people will be on the leading edge, of many new business ideas. Being able to read and understand new methods and techniques of operating a business will be almost a given. Instead of resisting new paradigms as "not invented here", blogger entrepreneurs will be prepared to accept or reject ideas, regardless of source.

The desire of most bloggers to reach out to other bloggers, through links and referrals, works exceptionally well in business. The natural networking skills, honed while blogging, will be a powerful tool for your new company. You already know how to meet and work with other people with a win-win objective in mind. As a business policy, win-win arrangements are very difficult to beat.

The qualties that make a great blogger, are one that are required to become a successful entrepreneur.

It's time to consider forming your own business, in partnership with other blog writers, and create your own company.

Instead of building someone else's fortune, do it for yourself.

As a blogger, you have all the personal tools to get the job done.

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