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Saturday, August 07, 2004


Finding business opportunities

Yesterday, I wrote a column about how bloggers possess all of the personal traits of natural entrepreneurs.

It simply seems logical to me, that bloggers should start their own micro-businesses, and other forms of small entrepreneurial ventures.

With the economy having for at least the last two decades, moved away from the traditional lifetime job, it's time to forget a career with only one employer. As careers become more fragmented, and often split into several entirely different paths, one strong option is self employment.

There has been no better time to consider becoming an entrepreneur.

Many people might argue the opposite case, but is it really that strong at all?

Telling people to find that one private sector job, that continues onward and upward until retirement age, has become a myth. It is not necessarily a bad thing either, as society changes, so do careers. It's time to work with those societal changes, rather than trying to fight them. Swimming against the current might sound heroic, but it's ultimately futile.

In place of the career employment mythology, I suggest entrepreneurship as a viable option.

Look around and you will see new businesses starting at a rapid pace. You may as well be one of the new class of self employed people.

Corporations and even governments are contracting out many services that were formerly conducted in house. The opportunity for a startup company, to swoop in and claim that business, has never been better. As an outsource business, you will be quicker to respond, have better project turnaround time, and provide a much lower cost to the contracting organization.

Just because your company might be lower cost doesn't mean you work for nothing either. In fact, your overall income could be much higher than in traditional employment. Even if your annual income is not more than you could receive working for someone else, you do gain many other nice offsetting benefits.

You gain tax benefits that allow deductions not available for employees. Business owners have other tax exemptions as well.

You can receive many government grants and loans to small businesses. There are many mentor organizations set up to help you with getting started and keeping your business going through good times and bad.

Best of all, you make the decsions about your future and your career.

That independence alone beats punching a time clock or filling in time cards.

Work hard, market your business well, provide your customers and clients with the best service they ever had from any company.

You are well on your way to being in charge of your own life and your own destiny.

Think about it.

Entrepreneurship might be just what you've been looking for all your life.

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