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Thursday, September 23, 2004


Ensight blog sale important for bloggers

As pretty much everyone around the blogosphere knows by now, well known business and technology blogger, Jeremy Wright has sold his highly popular Ensight blog.

The sale is important in the blogging community for a number of reasons.

The first, and obviously important to my good friend Jeremy and his family, was the $15,000.00 sale price. All I can say is that it couldn't happen to a nicer or more deserving person. I am always happy to see my friends do well in life.

A second reason, which is related to the first, is the simple fact that blogs are valued monetarily, and are therefore considered a legitimate business. Those blog critics who considered blogs to be a mere fad or hobby, and little more than an "online diary", might have to dine on a certain black feathered bird.

Hanging an actual dollar value, on what we already knew to be valuable, just handed blogs instant mainstream media credibility.

A third reason that the ground breaking sale is important is the fact that suddenly all of our blogs have some level of cash value.

Of course, like anything else, some blogs will be worth more than others. Some blogs might have a low value, while others might have valuations approaching those of any conventional online independent business.

A fourth and very powerful benefit of the sale, and it affects all bloggers as well, is the additional exposure that the blog sale has created. Jeremy has already been contacted by two major Canadian newspapers for more information on the story.

Where press coverage goes, interest from the public will soon follow. The overall profile of blogging has just risen. A lot.

As suggested by the always astute Rob, from Business Pundit, the field is wide open for the development of blogs, and then offering them for sale. Rob, who always has a nose for a business opportunity, has suggested that blog building and eventual sale, might form a future business for some people.

After all, the value is in the level of visitor traffic, link, incoming link values, and content building for the regular readers and for the search engines. The time and work of developing those areas would already be completed for the cash buyer.

Like any startup business, a new blog needs to develop its niche in the blogosphere and overall internet marketplaces. Many business people prefer to purchase an established and known entity, rather than begin from the proverbial square one.

Business blogs in particular received some much needed publicity. As the mainstream news media picks up the Ensight blog sale story, many busness people will begin to understand some of the benefits of business blogging.

That third party endorsement of business blogs possessing real value will certainly tip the scales in favour of blogging. Many astute business people will add a business blog component to their conventional websites as a direct result.

Overall, the sale of Ensight has some far reaching benefits for the blogging community as a whole, and for business blogs in particular.

The entire blogosphere owes a bit of thanks to Jeremy Wright.

He just gave your blog some financial value.

I figure mine are now worth at least $10.00!

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