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Wednesday, June 30, 2004


Google Backlink and PageRank Fever

Every three to four weeks, a strange malady afflicts the search engine optimization community.

Whether they are new to SEO,or old hands with years of search engine savvy and experience, this strange affliction strikes them all. There seems to be very few SEO professionals who have any immunity to this disease.

The culprit is the fairly regular, but not ever quite on time, Google backlink and PageRank update.

The symptoms are always the same.

The search engine optimization forums begin to fill with pleading, and almost desperate sounding threads. The posters are usually begging, for even the tiniest scraps of information, about the big event. They want to know when and if the update is happening, and how it’s affecting everyone else.

The disease has struck. It’s the Backlink and PageRank Fever.

The update occurs roughly every three weeks, with times varying from about two weeks to a month. It is not unusual for Google to miss an expected update. The staggering of the update schedule, is probably intentional, on the part of Google.

The inability to accurately forecast the date, is something for which Google probably strives. Of course, Google isn’t confirming or denying that assessment.

The level of uncertainty, regarding the date of the update, is one cause of the illness. Another cause is the complete unpredictability of whether Google will increase a website’s displayed backlinks.

A third cause is the possible gain or loss of a webmaster’s pages of their Google PageRank. The green meter on the Google Toolbar is very hypnotic to many.

Another major symptom of the affliction is frustration. Webmasters are often extremely frustrated and concerned that all of their incoming links are not displayed. Laments are heard that new backlinks have been added, with time frames given, that range into months.

Concerns are voiced about no visible PageRank changes despite the addition of some high PageRank links. Often, there are nightmarish thoughts of drastic link and PageRank drops, for no discernible reason.

The disease is a result of concern and fear of the unknown. A few simple answers, about the nature of the malady, will cause some of those issues disappear. If they don’t go away entirely, at least they can be kept in check.

There is no need to be worried about the Backlink and PageRank Update Fever. It is a false disease. There is no cause for alarm. Here’s why.

The entire disease is based on a misconception about how and when Google calculates PageRank and backlinks. Our first order of business is to examine Google PageRank and backlink calculations, and when they actually take place. The results may surprise you.

Many of the myths about the Google backlink and PageRank updates are a hold over from the days of the true Google dance. In those days, Google would update backlinks, PageRank, and the search engine results pages (SERPs) at the same time.

The Google dance has been replaced by what is referred to as “everflux”, where the SERPs are updated on a continuous basis. They are not “danced” in the traditional sense. That said, there is still a minor dance taking place.

That variation, between the various Google data centers, occurs while new SERPs results are being propagated to all data centers. It is more of a delay between data centers than a dance.

When are backlinks and PageRank really processed?

Whenever your site adds a new incoming link, Google will find it when its spider crawls your site. That link will be calculated at the time of its indexing. The link will provide its link boost to your site, in the search engine rankings, upon its discovery.

What that means, in simple terms, is by the time the actual backlinks are displayed by Google, the links have already had their values included in the search calculations.

When the backlinks are finally displayed, in the backlink update, they are already old news. Often, links will not show up in the backlink results for three to four updates. The average appearance time is usually two backlink updates, but it’s not unusual to see incoming links displayed in only one update.

The incoming links shown are only those of PageRank 4 or higher in the vast majority of cases. There are some rare instances of a high PR3 page being displayed.

What seems to be the case, is that the estimated PageRank is only displayed after the fact. The actual PageRank is ahead of the Google Toolbar display. The PageRank update only gets the Toolbar shown PageRank more in line with the actual PageRank level.

Stop suffering needlessly from the Backlink and PageRank Update Fever.

Worrying over the number of backlinks Google is displaying during the update won’t make any difference in the searches for your most important keyword phrases.

Instead of fretting, and spending sleepless nights, spend your time adding more incoming links. They will add to your link popularity soon after their discovery.

Add more fresh content to get your site freshly crawled by the Googlebot spider. Brand new content may also attract some new incoming links from other websites.

Cure the Backlink and PageRank Update Fever today.

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Blogging the e-mail

Do you receive inboxes full of e-mail about your blog?

I know that I do.

I'm not talking about spam either. What I'm referring to are e-mails from your readers.

I like e-mail from my blog visitors. By far, the vast majority of my e-mail is positive in tone. Even most of my critics are polite and constructive with their suggestions.

Some of my best column ideas have been written as a result of e-mails from my readers. Being a helpful kind of guy, I write what people tell me they want to read.

As bloggers, we get feedback from our readers through our e-mail and our commenters. Some bloggers have added forums to maintain even more contact with the blog guests.

Over time, we develop a strong rapport, and often good friendships, with many of our readers. Often, that friendship started with an e-mail about a blog post or link.

Bloggers who send me e-mails, regarding posts or comments or links, are guaranteed to have me visit their blogs on a regular basis. While I am a voracious blog reader at the best of times, my e-mail friends are certain to get their blogs placed at the top of my reading list.

I recommend sending e-mails to other bloggers, as well as posting comments on their blogs. An e-mail provides a different level of communication from a comment. Both are great to receive, but in different ways.

Perhaps, it's the fact that an e-mail is private, while anyone can read a blog comment.

I am always pleased to receive an e-mail from any of my readers.

Even from the people who don't like my blogs at all!

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Tuesday, June 29, 2004


Carnival of the Capitalists takes to the air

Usually, the business travelling road show, known to one and sundry as Carnival of the Capitalists keeps its tent firmly pegged to the ground.

This week's edition, bears the title of Carnival of the Laissez Faire Capitalists is given a definite air and space treatment by host Martin Lindeskog of EGO.

Generously supplied by Martin, with a gift snack of kettle corn, I'm ready for the EGO Carnival.

As usual, the entries are superb, as expected from many of the leading bloggers on the internet.

Topic areas include Blogging For Business, Marketing and Sales, Business, Management, Capitalism and Entrepreneurship, Economics, The Market, and Taxes and Regulation.

As I try to always do, I have an entry included in this week's EGO Carnival.

My Blog Business World entry is entitled "Blogs Build Google PageRank".

If you are interested in having a post in next week's carnival, and I know that you are, simply e-mail your entry link, along with a brief description of the article, to:

capitalists -at- elhide.com

Next week's Carnival of the Capitalists will pitch its tent at Peter Caputa's up and coming pc4media.

Now, with my gift of kettle corn in hand, I'm off to the EGO Carnival.

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Monday, June 28, 2004


A fix for Blogger users' archives

Are you a Blogger user like me?

Did you ever feel the frustration of your posts not having their own archive pages? That was especially irritating when users of other blogging systems had individual archive pages for each of their posts.

Now you can do something about that problem of endless scrolling to find a linked post.

Because of the recent updates made to Blogger, you can make individual Post Pages on Blogger.

Thanks to Martin Lindeskog of EGO, for the post suggestion.

Here's how.

On your Blogger Dashboard, click on Settings. That will take you, naturally, to the Settings page.

Once there, click on Archiving.

When you arrive at the Archiving page, you will find a menu beside the term Enable Post Pages. Pull down the menu, and click on Yes.

Click the Save Settings button at the bottom of the page.

Click on Republish, and your blog will republish itself, with your new posts all enjoying their individual pages.

The benefit to you, and to your readers, is any link to any of your new posts instantly became easier to locate and to read.

By creating an easier link to post archive, more bloggers will be willing to link to your posts.

In the past, many bloggers have been reluctant to link to sone Blogger users' posts, because of the need to scroll, and then find the referred to link.

It was simply too much of a problem to create a link.

Be sure to enable Post Pages on your Blogger hosted blog today.

Your readers will thank you for it.

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Saturday, June 26, 2004


Business blogs meet baseball blogs

A blog that I read all the time, and is sitting on my blog Resources list, but I rarely mention is Jeff Angus's Management By Baseball.

I'm sure that many of you have seen the title, and skipped over it, thinking it was baseball only in content.

Well, it has baseball, alright.

More importantly, it also has management theory.

In an ingenious blending of professional baseball examples, with real life business problems, Jeff points out how business problems can be solved. The same management issues and dilemmas have already arisen, in the over one hundred years on the baseball diamond, dugout, and management suites.

People are people, whether they are middle managers, assembly line workers, clerical staff, or baseball players. Business management and financial issues crop up in all areas of business, and baseball has experienced them all.

Jeff shows how some solutions, when applied by inferior baseball managers have failed. He also shows how superior managers, like legendary Baltimore Orioles Manager Earl Weaver, succeeded through innovation and recognizing strengths and weaknesses of his personnel.

Don't be turned off by the use of the baseball analogies. They simply serve to illustrate the problem. No more knowledge of how the game is played than three strikes you're out, is required.

What is important, is solving the recurring business management problems, and how the baseball solution can be applied to your business.

After solving the business problems, using the baseball approach, slide into Aaron Gleeman's Aaron's Baseball Blog for some longer posts. In fact, Aaron's tendency to provide columns bordering on novel length has earned his writings the term "Gleeman length articles".

Along with his many page covering posts, mainly on the Minnesota Twins, Aaron also talks about his personal life and his times as a student at the University of Minnesota. For even more "Gleeman length articles", break into a home run trot over to the more purely baseball oriented The Hardball Times.

For a National League approach, take a walk over to J.D. Arney's Reds Daily. J.D.'s main focus is on the Cincinnati Reds, but he throws in many more personal columns too.

Note that both Aaron Gleeman and J.D. Arney are also readers of Blog Business World.

They recognize the combination of business and baseball too.

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Friday, June 25, 2004


Business should be fun too

Business blogs don't need to be so serious all the time.

I know that my daily columns tend be a bit, okay a lot, on the serious side.

That doesn't mean that all business blogs have to be dry as day old toast.

Elana Centor, of the hilarious new blog appropriately titled FunnyBusiness (discovered via Yvonne Divita's wonderful Lip-Sticking), certainly proves the point.

The main premise of her blog is to provide some light hearted treatment to some of the weightier issues of the business world.

You don't have to be straight faced all the time, when you write about business.

By examining some business and blogging issues, with an eye to the lighter side of their existence, you might find yourself making a better connection with your readership.

It's often thought, that by letting your regular readers glimpse into your personal life, you will draw them into your thoughts and ideas.

That makes sense for most bloggers.

Add a funny event, that happened in your business or personal life, to your blog. It will make your blog, and you personally, much more real and accessible to your visitors.

Over time, bloggers discover that they make many new and interesting friends. Those is a direct result of their blogging efforts.

Adding a little humour and a few personal anecdotes helps to quicken that friendship process.

Show some humour and some of yourself.

Your blogging friends will enjoy it.

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Bloggers interviewing bloggers

You see them on many of your favourite blogs.

A blogger will interview and seek opinions, from other knowledgeable and respected bloggers, on a few or many topics of interest to the blog's readership.

Occasionally those interviews will be non-blogging business leaders too.

The important factor for the successful interview, is the dialogue between people, that also draws in the readers.

Many such interviews, discussions, and seekings of opinions and ideas, are conducted by personal instant messenger or by e-mail.

The participants have usually never met in person, but share much in common, by being brought together by blogging.

In that sense, blogs bring people and ideas closer together. In the pre-internet and pre-blogging days, many people believed their opinions and ideas were unique.

They were often ridiculed for their thoughts and ideas, and made to believe they were the only ones who held such beliefs about the world around them.

Well, no more!

Now like minded people are getting together through the power of the internet, and especially through the magic of blogging. They are finding they were not the only ones with those non-mainstream ideas.

Whether those ideas were related to business, politics, or any other topic imaginable from hobbies to the Moon, there is a blogging community of like minded people out there in the blogsphere.

As you look over your own blogrolls and links directories, you will notice many new friends, and people who think as you do. You will also find some people who hold differing viewpoints from yours.

The value of blogging also brings disparate ideas and opinions together. As with uniting those with similar ideas, blogs create an open dialogue with those who might hold views different from yours.

The important thing is the talking, communication, and reading of one anothers' ideas. Often the points of view are not so far apart as initially believed.

Sometimes, a common ground is discovered, leading to a better and fresher understanding of business, politics, law, and everything else imaginable.

Blogs create open dialogue.

It's not surprising that bloggers have started to interview one another.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2004


Expired domain names and ranking high in Google

New blogger Michael Lauher of Junk Drawer has been investigating the phenomenon of buying expired domain names.

A domain name, of course is something like www.yoursite.com, or www.yourbusiness.com, or similar type of .com name. In effect, it's an internet address.

Some internet addresses are extremely valuable, as they contain very high Google PageRank, and literally thousands of high quality incoming links.

A domain name is only registered for a certain period of time. After that time expires, and the registration is not renewed with the fees paid up to date, the domain "expires" for the owner.

When the domain becomes freely available, often the vast majority of its links come along with it, for the benefit of the new owner.

The reason the links remain is many webmasters do not bother to remove old links. Long life on the internet is part of a link's value.

There is also, as Michael discovered, a high dollar value on certain important expired domain names.

Michael has an intriguing series of posts, about how an allegedly expired domain was acquired, and moved to the first page of Google's search results. All the more interesting was the search term was "directory" and one of the Page One returns was a real estate firm.

Michael suspects that the domain name had not expired at all but represents a flaw in Google's link popularity system and the domain name was actually purchased prior to expiration.

In effect, alleges Michael, the real estate company ownership approached the doamin owners, the well known search engine "Ask Jeeves", and bought the domain.

Michael expresses a concern many people have with some search engine results. He says that high rankings can possibly be bought with cold hard cash.

For those of us who attempt to gain high search engine placements, with natural organic listings, that can be disconcerting.

That's why bloggers need to seriously consider optimizing their blogs, using the accepted above board search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.

The best practices SEO methods revolve mainly around writing frequent keyword rich posts as content, and adding good quality incoming links.

Those are part and parcel with blogging anyway.

Once again, being bloggers, we can hold our own against most of the big money heavy hitters.

That is simply one more reason for a business, to add a blog component, to their overall business strategy.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2004


Blogging The Bloggist: A bloggers magazine

From the always fertile and creative mind of Jeremy Wright, creator of the must read Ensight blog, springs forth The Bloggist.

So what you say?

A magazine filled with blog posts?

What The Bloggist could be is a transitional step between the traditional media and blogs.

The linking of the mainstream print media, with the more cutting edge blogs, could result in a synergy that pulls blogs completely into the mainstream of media.

One little startup magazine can't possibly do all of that, of course. It does represent an important first step, toward blogs and bloggers receiving the same regard, as the other mainstream media.

For better or for worse.

The definition of media would then consist of print newspapers and magazines, television, radio...and blogs.

By displaying their writing skills and talent, before a wider and often not online audience, bloggers can gain the recognition they so richly deserve.

Whether The Bloggist remains an online magazine, or develops a print version as well, it will be a success no matter how it turns out in the end.

Due to its bold approach to journalism, The Bloggist represents a milestone in the evolution of the media.

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Thanks to everyone

Thank you to everyone who visited, submitted posts, and linked to my Blog Business World hosting of Carnival of the Capitalists.

It was indeed and honour and a privilege to host the event, and to share with you some of the best bloggers in the blogiverse.

I'm certain you found some new favourite blogs to add to your regular links, Atom and RSS feeds, and to your blogrolls.

Thanks again, for assisting me so generously, and for sharing your time and energy to make this event a success.

I look forward to seeing most of you here again sometime soon.

You are always welcome.

Thank you.

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Sunday, June 20, 2004


Carnival of the Capitalists! The show must go on!

Hurry, hurry, hurry!

Step right up for the greatest business show in the blogosphere!

It's the one, the only, it's Carnival of the Capitalists!

The big top is set up. The clowns are all in their tiny cars. There are balloons, bloxes of popcorn, and cotton candy galore. Take your seats for the show, as the lineup is second to none.

I even have donned my top hat, and had my swallow tail jacket pressed, for this momentous occasion.

Don't miss the exciting midway, either, and its games of skill and chance.

We've got marketing. We've got law. We have some politics. From around the world, you'll see international politics. There's even music for your listening enjoyment.

Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, I present to you this week's edition of Carnival of the Capitalists!

Shine that spotlight on our special guests!

In the centre ring, giving us a superb performance without a net, we have Entrepreneurship.

Jeff Cornwall of the always informative The Entrepreneurial Mind sends us a great post on on the need for entrepreneurs to plan ahead for their staffing needs as the economy begins to heat up once again. As usual, Jeff's advice is a must read for all business owners and managers.

Lachlan Gemmell, whose interesting Lachlan Gemmell - Software Startup blog chronicles success and failure for a new business, sent us a fascinating discussion about meeting with a business coach. Lachlan finds the coach's advice to be just what he was seeking to get his idea a head start.

David St. Lawrence at the essential Ripples, sends us some of his regular sage advice on the basics of starting your own micro-business. Bringing years of practical experience to the table, David knows what he is talking about when it comes to operating your own business. He provides news you can use on the critical issue of exchange. Ya gotta have it, and understand it, to succeed.

Julie from the inspirational Working Virtually shows us the need to find your authentic self. Success in business, says Julie, depends on the necessity to know your own personal strengths and weaknesses. Failure to know yourself could result in a failed business.

Jeremy Wright of the must read Ensight has started a blogging magazine. In the tradition of Open Source, Jeremy invites contributors, critics, and creative people to comment on the idea. I have already signed up for the projct. Just so you know.

You've seen the Entrepreneurship. You've thrilled to their courage and inspiration. Now bring on the Marketers! Again to the centre ring!

John Jantsch of the award winning Duct Tape Marketing provides us with some facts and figures that prove marketing is your highest payoff job. Spending time and money on marketing your product will bring in the dollars to your business. He shows us that hiring staff to perform other duties while you concentrate on your marketing efforts will pay off in a very real way. On your bottom line.

Michele Miller of the rapidly rising Wonderbranding gets us up and offa that thang. As a well trained and accomplished musician, as well as a successful marketer, Michele compares a powerful sales presentation to making beautiful music. Once everyone is in tune, the business becomes a symphony of joy.

Peter Caputa of the widely ranging pc4media discusses ways to successfully market your blog. Peter examines many of the popular multi-blog promotional vehicles, including our own beloved Carnival of the Capitalists, as a means to reaching a wider audience. Sounds good to me!

Trudy Schuett of the blogoliscious WOLves celebrates her one year of blogging birthday describes her successes and failures in advising others to join the blogging revolution. Of particular concern to Trudy, who is a published author, is the failure of other writers to use a blog as an online marketing tool. Marketers need to use every avenue available to market their products. You never know which road will turn into the expressway to fame and fortune.

Thomas Collins of the deserving a wider audience Knowledge Aforethought reminds us that the vaunted PowerPoint presentation can be abused, along with being highly effective, for your presentations. The message from Tom is to never be boring. The best way to be interesting, and engaging to your audience, is to apply the informational design best suited to your audience. If it makes more sales, it makes sense (and dollars) to me.

In a fit of self indulgence, here at Blog Business World, I provide some advice for getting some high search engine rankings on the Yahoo search engine. I like to see bloggers do well on the search engines.

Jen Vetterli at the fun Circadian Shift has a brief, but humourous post on becoming a marketer. With that thought, we bid farewell to our marketing section.

What would the internet be without some monetary value? Any good Carnival, or business for that matter, needs some cash. With those dollars and sense in mind, turn your gaze back to the centre ring. Here comes the E-Commerce!

Les Jones of the ever interesting Les Jones Blog provides some timely information on making your website easier and faster to navigate, as well as more secure, for your customers. It's a cardinal rule in sales that you make it easy for your clients and customers to buy your products and services. Les believes that online businesses would do well to learn that important lesson.

Giselle at the helpful e-commerce blog appropriately titled OSCommerce Experts suggests a number of important factors that go into a successful e-commerce site. Every one of the recommended ideas needs to be addressed, by any online business, to prevent your internet venture from turning into a "page not found". Make sure you mind the store!

Yvonne Divita of the fast growing Lip-Sticking shares a personal story that transforms into a suggestion about e-commerce. As with everything in our lives, ideas get recycled and revived, and reused in sort of a karmic ecological dream. With those returns to popularity arise some opportunities for internet commerce.

We talk about it. We complain and moan and groan about it, but the Economy is with us always. Istead of lamenting, share in the excitement. Focus on that centre ring, as the Economy captures the spotlight!

"Speculator" at the outspoken INCITE notes that strong industrial growth doesn't necessarily mean rising inflation. Because of relatively low industrial capacity utilizational levels, there is room in the economy for growth without triggering the dreaded inflationary spiral.

Rob Sama of the entertaining and informative samaBlog talks about Ronald Reagan, price inflation, and the need for a $500 bill. Using the price of gold as a benchmark, your money has much less real value than it did in the past. Rob also has an interesting tidbit on real money laundering. You won't want to miss that one.

"Z" at the no punches pulled Goobage believes it's time for a producers and providers revolt. Espousing the almost heretical idea of personal responsibility, the post suggests it's time for consumers to consider using the products they buy in a responsible manner. If producers and providers provide shoddy merchandise, they won't be in business long anyway. The government should consider that concept some time.

Jay Solo of the widely acclaimed Accidental Verbosity feels the economy is in the midst of a housing price bubble. Don't miss the interesting discussion in the comments to the post either. Jay believes that to sustain the current highly priced housing market, wages and salaries will have to rise to afford the prices. Housing sticker shock is everywhere. The question on everyone's mind is whether higher interest rates could cause a housing market correction.

John D. of the valuable Drakeview blog discusses the important and often undervalued and underappreciated Project Manager. John says the failure to recognize the necessity of strong project management, is costing businesses and the economy untold losses, in productivity and cold hard cash. The firms that recognize the value of professional project management, will be on the cutting edge of profitable businesses, in the future.

Mike Pechar at the knowledgeable Interested Participant believes that recently applied US import duties placed on imported furniture from China will go far towards leveling the playing field for American manufacturers. Mike suggests that along with more jobs and profitability, in the American wooden furniture industry, may come higher retail prices. He says to lock in your furniture pricing now.

David Tufte of the always interesting voluntaryXchange, in a short and sweet post, notes that politicians make little use of Economics in their decision making process. Who would have ever thought such a thing???

Michael Kantor of the authoritative The Calico Cat asks the often thought, but rarely spoken question, "How does Blogger make money?". Michael is not convinced, that the Google owned Blogger system is a sustainable economic entity, by providing free blog hosting services. He provides some roughed out numbers on advertising revenue, as well as some theories, as to how exactly Blogger might profit.

Jennifer at the straight talking Drink This... believes in equal treatment for all under the law. Jennifer addresses the issues surrounding some politicians, and their encouragement of some illegal immigrants to break the law.

Our Carnival not only has a North American Economy but is global in scope as well. Keep your focus on the centre ring. Feast your eyes on the International Political Economy .

Dave Foster at the thoughtful Photon Courier examines the impact of digitized land-ownership records on rural poverty in India. Dave says computerization of land deeds, and other aspects of rural life in India, is working in favour of the rural poor. He believes the formerly powerful middlemen will have other ideas. For an insight, into a little known world, don't miss this post.

Martin Lindeskog of the important EGO, and also next week's Carnival of the Capitalists host, says he voted in the recent European Parliament election that saw seats won by Euro-skeptics. He discusses the European Constitution and how it's different from the American Constitution. He also ponders the next President of the Executive Commission. This is a must read for Euro watchers.

The always entertaining Vicki Smith of Just In From Cowtown has discovered that controversial film maker Michael Moore has lent his considerable weight (couldn't resist) to the upcoming Canadian election. With his myopic opinion of Canada, he should move north for the experience. He might get some facts for his next movie. Nah!

Hey, it's a Carnival. What kind of Carnival would it be without the children? The students need some time away from school. "Hey Teacher, leave those kids alone!" With that gentle thought in mind, the centre ring is given over to Education.

Arnold Kling of the issue oriented EconLog thinks about and examines the future of education. He sees the emerging trends of technology and cognitive science, and looks at the implications of those concepts for education. Arnold sees more focus on the individual rather than educational reforms. Read this important post for the sake of the children.

All around us is a magical world of Technology. Even this week's humble Carnival is dependent on Computer Technolgy. Watch those flashing lights as they strobe over the centre ring. What you see is our Technology!

Barry Ritholtz of the industry oriented The Big Picture has decided that the recent strong CD sales of supergroup Velvet Revolver is not due to the addition of DRM technology. Barry says that the CD Contraband did not sell because of anti-piracy technology as the music industry claims. For the real reasons and implications, check out the Barry's thoughts on music technology.

Micha Ghertner of the philospophical Catallarchy believes the are case that there are conspiracies against technology are overstated. Micha discusses free energy, free lunches, and entrepreneurs, which are all found in this fascinating post.

It's time to bid a fond farewell to everyone for this week. In closing the down the big tent, and letting the ferris wheel slow to a gentle halt, we close with a tribute to the late legend himself, the great Ray Charles!

Karsten Junge of investment leaning CurryBlog offers a Ray Charles and a market economy tribute. Enjoy!

The ferris wheel has slowed to a halt. The clowns have returned to their tiny car. The animals are all asleep for the night. My top hat is covered with dust.

This edition of Carnival of the Capitalists is over.

Thanks for attending the Blog Business World edition of Carnival of the Capitalists.

Next week, Carnival of the Capitalists will set up the big top at the tremendous blog known as EGO.

Send Martin Lindeskog your entries at:

capitalists -at- elhide.com

See you at Carnival of the Capitalists.

Save me some popcorn!

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Turning blogs into books


Or more specifically, e-books.

E-books are internet based books that are usually only available electronically, although some are available with traditional covers and pages.

They meet bloggers.

Many bloggers have produced some tremendous ideas and information over the course of one, two, three, and even more years. The written work of some leading bloggers has already hit the mainstream.

There are many great bloggers in the blogoshere, whose potential and quality has not been fully appreciated.

Innumerable bloggers have written some tremendous essays as blog posts.

Those collected posts could be readily turned into a an e-book product with the many e-book creating products available.

A blogger would simply collect, and perhaps edit, their best and most interesting posts. Those collected columns could then be turned into an e-book. The traditional publishing industry has been selling collected essay books for generations.

It's time bloggers considered joining that charmed circle of authors.

An e-book could have some brand new columns and articles written specifically for the downloadable copy. The would provide some freshness.

An introduction, either by the blogger or perhaps someone else, could add an additional chapter to the book. An introduction could be provided by another blogger, or even a regualar reader. The purpose would be to tie the entire work together into an overall edition.

After creating the e-book, the entire work could be offered for sale as a revenue source for the blogger.

Other bloggers could offer the e-book for sale from their blogs as well. Those bloggers would be paid through an affiliate agreement. Such contracts are widespread on the internet.

Setting up an e-commerce for the e-book is relatively easy these days. Coducting business online has joined the mainstream, and is readily accepted by purchasers.

The time is becoming ripe for more e-book publications.

They can certainly include bloggers in their ranks.

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Friday, June 18, 2004


I didn't meme it! Really, I didn't!


You know them when you see them.

They are those often repeated posts, quizzes, funny stories that get posted and linked from blog to blog.

Sometimes a meme begins on purpose.

Occasionally, a meme is created purely by accident.

My friend Trudy Schuett of WOLves had her post about the dangers faced by Denver tornado chasers picked up all across the blogosphere.

Trudy had unintentionally created a meme.

The post apparently struck a chord in her readers when she stated that the Big Three (Big3) media (newspapers, television, and radio) encouraged citizen reporters to send in photos of a local tornado. Many local people took the requests seriously, and attempted to photograph and report on the approaching funnel cloud.

Many of the "citizen reporters" were bloggers.

Trudy expressed her disdain for the advice of the mainstream media this way:

The newscasters also encouraged viewers to send in their pictures of the event, which is where this kind of citizen journalism stopped being a positive thing.

I can’t imagine what they were thinking. They were actually suggesting their viewers go out, put themselves in harm’s way, and take pictures of tornadoes.

Trudy concluded, with what might be the underlying and unspoken reason, for endagering the lives of so many people:

It’s often been said that the Big3 is scrambling to keep up with the Internet. Are they now so beleaguered they will stoop to anything to gain viewers?

In discussing this potentially life threatening event, Trudy Schuett has unintentionally created a meme. Many bloggers, including me, have linked to her blog post.

Over time, even more bloggers will read the column and add links as well.

If there is one thing that displays the power of blogging, it's linking.

Todd Sattersten at A Penny For...
makes the case for blog linking as well. While not mentioning blog memes specifically, Todd does hint at the subject when he says:

Linking is an important part of blogging. It helps show the value of an idea. I think there is also a timing piece to linking. Because everyone has a slightly different audience reading a differing time intervals, it helps connect people with good thoughts. Links often continue the conversation with that blogger's thoughts on the original post.

Todd is correct, linking to great content and adding your voice to the discussion is how ideas are spread. They may be called thoughts, ideas, or even memes.

The important thing is bloggers are talking and making their voices heard.

By your links shall you meme them.

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Thursday, June 17, 2004


Carnival of the Capitalists reminder

Don't forget to e-mail me your entries for Carnival of the Capitalists.

I'm hosting the gala event right here, at Blog Business World, on June 21.

I'm looking forward to a record number of entries.

If you have a post, of which you are particulary proud, on business, law, politics, economics, education, trade, marketing, public relations, or anything related, be sure to send it to me.

Being part of Carnival of the Capitalists is tremendous publicity for your blog.

There is simply no doubt about it.

On days when I have an entry included in Carnival of the Capitalists, my visitor traffic counter goes way up.

Yours will too.

If you have never participated in a Carnival of the Capitalists, now is the time to start.

You won't be sorry you did.

Send those entries to:

capitalists -at- elhide.com

or.... directly to my e-mail at:

blogbusinessworld -at- yahoo.com

Of course, replace the -at- with the usual @ symbol.

I look forward to reading and including your great entries.

Let's make this capitalists -at- elhide.com

or directly to my e-mail at:

blogbusinessworld -at- yahoo.com

Of course, replace the -at- with the usual @ symbol.

I look forward to reading, and including, your great entries.

Let's make this edition of Carnival of the Capitalists one to remember.

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Blogs build Google PageRank

Blogs are becoming a powerful tool, for strengthening any website’s Google PageRank, by taking advantage of what blogs have to offer.

Businesses should take note. A business blog can work wonders.

Google PageRank (one word) is the measure of an internet page based on the number and importance of a site’s incoming links.

PageRank is expressed as a numerical value, from PR0 to PR10, with PR10 being the highest possible PageRank (PR). Very few websites (or any blogs) achieve that PR 10 level, of course.

Each level is more difficult to reach that one previous. The system is based on an exponential scale, similar to the earthquake Richter Scale. The only difficulty with the Google PageRank scale is no one is entirely certain how the numbers are calculated.

Incoming links for web pages are, in the opinion of Google, votes in favor of that page. On the other hand, Google considers some votes to be more important than others.

The simple number of incoming links to a page is calculated by Google, but the relative importance of the “voting page” is given even more weight in the mathematical formula.

The pages that are considered to be more important votes, in turn increase the importance of the page they link. More important pages pass along more voting power. This is measured numerically as PageRank.

Note carefully, that PageRank is for each individual web page, not the entire web site as a whole. Every page in the Google data base has its own PageRank. Sites don’t have “rank”. Every separate page, however, on your web site has its own PageRank..

Be sure to always keep in mind, that PageRank is not the same thing, as your site’s ranking on the search engine results pages (SERPs). They are entirely separate items.

PageRank is the relative importance of a page on the web, expressed as a number. The SERPs are where your site appears on a search for your keywords.

Blogs tend to have very strong Google PageRanks.

Incoming links are the determinant of PageRank. That is the strength of blogs.

Blogs attract both theme based link exchanges and natural links from other blogs. There are also a number of special blog only directories that supply an additional PageRank boost.

Blogs are also well represented in the important mainstream web directories, including The Open Directory Project and by extension the Google Directory, and the Yahoo! Directory as well.

By providing your readers with quality daily posts, other bloggers will link to them, and comment upon them in their own blogs.

That linking achieves two goals.

First of all, it adds a strong natural link. Secondly, due to the discussion of your blog post, in the linking blog, your incoming link is quite possibly themed to the same topic as your blog.

If it’s not a related blog, the context of the linking post itself can help to theme the link. In either case, your blog benefits from a solid boost in PageRank.

Bloggers are generous linkers to other blogs they enjoy, and posts they believe will be of interest to their readers.

Google PageRank is an issue for very few bloggers. There is little concern in the blogging community (sometimes referred to as the “blogosphere”) about hoarding PageRank. It is simply not on the radar of a huge percentage of bloggers.

If your content is sufficiently interesting and informative, two types of blog links will occur. One is the home page permanent link. The other is the themed link from a blog post.

Bloggers like to make link exchanges. They care about exchanges for traffic and interest to their readership, and will readily swap with blogs they or their readers might enjoy.

Google is thought to be discounting reciprocal links on many static websites, especially link exchange pages. On blogs, that discounting does not appear to be evident.

Because blog links are heavily reciprocated, any penalties would show up quickly in a reduction of blog backlinks. That does not appear to be the case.

A quick glance at any number of blog backlinks will display many reciprocated links. One reason for that may be the fact that blog links are almost universally placed on the home page.

Another is bloggers, in general, make link trades with other bloggers who write about the same theme. The on page text usually contains similar content, and often the same keywords, in both exchanging blogs.

Google PageRank will boost your blog in the search engine rankings for your most important keywords.

All you have to do is link.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2004


Bloggers dating bloggers

It's time for a little fun in the blogging world.

There are many single bloggers in the blogosphere.

Considering the fact, that there are millions of blogs, the odds would favour large numbers of blog owners being unmarried.

Enter the idea of matchmaking for bloggers.

Canadian blogger Carrie of Life or Something Like It...Boo has suggested the concept of a Blog Dating Service.

It seems that idea is sprouting wings everywhere.

I suspect that since June is a traditional wedding month, that may have much to do with the interest.

Of course, as an unmarried guy, what do I know about such matters???


Mrs. Du Toit of Personal Effects (via Will at Entropy Manor) has begun a mission, as she calls it, to find a mate for uber political blogger Stephen den Beste of the formidable USS Clueless.

Mrs. Du Toit sets out the requirements as follows:

She'll have to be of child bearing age--with enough years to have about a half dozen kids.

She neglected to tell Stephen about her mission too!

Be certain to read the often hilarious suggestions and recommendations in the accompanying comments as well.

As most of us already know, Jay and Deb Solo of the well known and high quality dual writer Accidental Verbosity, are a happy blogger marriage.

Their blog meeting and subsequent knot tying, has proven to be a resounding, and joyfully multiplying, success!

There are likely hundreds, if not thousands, of potential blogger matches out there in the blogiverse.

The logic is certainly in place for a Blog Dating Service.

You take bloggers with similar interests and backgrounds (and no, I am not convinced about that opposites theory), and voila!

Blogger matches everywhere!

All we need now, is for some enterprising blogger, to create a system for matching up the numerous single bloggers.

That matchmaking blogger would be providing a wonderful service.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2004


Carnival of the Capitalists is up and running

This week's edition of the business, politics, and law extravaganza better known as Carnival of the Capitalists is up and ready for your perusal at the Carnival home base of Accidental Verbosity.

Jay and Deb Solo have done a tremendous job of crisis management with this week's emergency hosting of Carnival of the Capitalists.

Following the unforseen loss of this week's scheduled host, the Carnival of the Capitalists was in a bit of jeopardy. Despite no time on the clock, a solid Carnival of the Capitalists has risen like the mythical phoenix from the ashes.

While the posts are not categorized, due to shortage of time, there are some great posts covering the areas of business, marketing, politics, law, economics, and human resources.

All in all, that's a fairly diverse collection of columns from some of the internet's leading bloggers.

As you already know, I have the distinct honour of hosting Carnival of the Capitalists right here at Blog Business World.

If you've been interested in submitting a post to Carnival of the Capitalists in the past, but never clicked the Send button on your e-mail, this is as good a time as any.

Send your entries to me at:

capitalists -at- elhide.com


blogbusinessworld -at- yahoo.com

Be sure to replace the -at- with the funky little @ symbol, but you already knew that anyway.

I look forward to reading all of your entries to the Blog Business World hosting of Carnival of the Capitalists.

Send me tons of entries.

I look forward to an e-mail box packed with your entry columns.

Let's make the Blog Business World edition of the Carnival of the Capitalists truly the greatest business show on earth.

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Monday, June 14, 2004


Carnival of the Capitalists submissions

The tremendous business, legal, and political event known to one and all as Carnival of the Capitalists needs your help.

At least Jay and Deb Solo at Accidental Verbosity need your assistance and patience.

The host for this week's edition of Carnival of the Capitalists is missing, leaving the Carnival stranded.

Jay and Deb will host Carnival of the Capitalists tomorrow at Accidental Verbosity to save the day for all.

If you sent your entries to the Carnival e-mail, they won't reach the long lost host. In fact they'll arrive at my e-mail, which is fine too. I can send them along to Jay.

If, however, you are uncertain if your entry will appear, re-send it to to jay -at- elhide.com or deb -at- accidentalverbosity.com for inclusion.

I will be hosting Carnival of the Capitalists right here at Blog Business World next week, on June 21.

I intend to host too, and not bail.

Entries can be sent to me for next week at:

capitalists -at- elhide.com

or directly to my e-mail at:

blogbusinessworld -at- yahoo.com

Of course, replace the -at- with the usual @ symbol.

If you have never sent an entry to the Carnival of the Capitalists before, now is a good time to consider sending a business, marketing, human resources, management, business people, finance and accounting, taxation, the stock market, education, public relations, entrepreneurship, political, legal, or related post for inclusion.

Blog Business World will try to be a friendly Carnival of the Capitalists host.

Send me those entries and make the Carnival of the Capitalists at
Blog Business World one of the biggest and best ever.

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Sunday, June 13, 2004


Micro-business under the microscope

The ultra talented blogger David St. Lawrence at the essential Ripples blog has been running a must read series on Micro-businesses.

David's series begins with why micro-businesses don't get much attention, continues through a brilliant discussion of why entrepreneurs start micros,and continues with how life's problems create unlimited business opportunities.

David St. Lawrence is no pie in the sky dreamer, who is all blue sky and sunny weather. He is a man with both feet firmly planted on the ground. His advice is practical, and occasionally hits the visionaries a wee bit too close to home.

As you would expect from a person holding those views of business, David offers an important lesson in the hard facts of business life. He follows that lesson with with some stern, but true advice about how you must leave the past behind and forget that corner office. Those days are long gone, says David, and the sooner you get over them, the faster your micro-business can get started on the right road.

David continued his series with the mentioning of a few bloggers who also operate micro-businesses.

If you have ever considered seriously the possibility of operating your own business, you simply must read David's brilliant posts. His years of business experience, both the good and bad times, are selflessly put to use for your benefit.

I am always proud to be a blogger.

Everywhere I look in the blogiverse, there are many bloggers freely providing sound information, for the help of all.

Many bloggers freely donate their valuable time to very worthy causes.

Many bloggers share the personal aspects of their lives so others can benefit and learn from their experiences.

Bloggers are making a difference.

In every walk of life.

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Bloggers help others

Jennifer at Drink This is a very special person.

She is generously participating and donating her time in the Project Blog Blogathon.

On July 24, Jennifer will blog every 30 minutes for 24 straight hours as her part in the Blogathon. She is raising money for an organization called Bresee Foundation.

Jennifer chose the Bresee Foundation because:

...they make a direct impact in my community and provide services that many think are or should be provided by the government. As one might imagine, I don't buy into the theory that the government exists to solve all of our social problems. I also don't believe in the government's ability to efficiently do so. I do however, believe in the desire and deftness of regular citizens to directly impact those in need among us.

I respect what Jennifer is doing for this community based organization as she would only work to help a group she supports wholeheartledly.

Jennifer recognizes that people in need often simply need a helping hand so they can get started on their way. With just that little boost, people can become self sufficient and achieve their hopes and dreams.

Not too long ago, Jennifer was in financial need herself. I asked my readers to provide Jennifer with some monetary assistance or employment opportunities to help her through those difficult days. Many of you responded generously to help her out at that time.

I am asking all of you to support Jennifer and her chosen organization, the Bresee Foundation, in the Blogathon.

I look forward to Jennifer providing us all with 48 wonderful posts, in the fine tradition of Drink This, in a 24 hour time frame.

For more information on Jennifer's blogging efforts, check out her post where she shares all of the details as to how you can help.

I hope you will help Jennifer have a successful 24 hour Blogathon.

Please pledge generously.

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Friday, June 11, 2004


Turn your blog into a hub site

Building your blog into what is called a Hub Site is not something that occurs to many bloggers

Achieving Hub Site status will propel your site to the top of the Google search engine rankings.

A hub site is based on having large numbers of outgoing links.

To start on the road to constructing a hub, it’s best to start thinking in terms of linking. Forgetting any preconceived ideas, about gain and loss of Google PageRank (Google's numerical measure of the relative importance of a site on the internet), is a good place to begin.

Hub sites are based almost exclusively on their linking factors. As we will see, the linking out from your blog hub site is equally as important as adding incoming links.

A hub should be seen as almost as an internet train station, with incoming and outgoing tracks. Those link tracks can lead just as easily to a direct competitor to your business, as to a web page with a similar theme.

In many ways, the internet directories, like the Open Directory Project or the Yahoo! Directory, are almost the ultimate hub sites. Both feature numerous incoming and outgoing links making them terminal stations and hub sites.

You should seriously consider turning your existing blog into a hub site. The additional boost to your Google search ranking will be enormous. Your blog will rise much higher in the search rankings than other related and similarly themed sites and blogs. They will lack your blog’s abundance of incoming and outgoing thematic links.

Your blog’s staying power, through possible algorithm changes, should be infinitely stronger as well. Once the hub status is accorded to your blog by Google, the accompanying high search rankings are less likely to be removed. That is the power and the attraction of achieving hub site status.

To be a hub you have to think links.

Becoming a hub site is first and foremost about linking. That link thought must extend beyond the ordinary thoughts of simply collecting inbound links. The hub site mode of thought extends much farther. It includes linking out to a huge number of theme related sites as well.

For many webmasters, the idea of linking out to large numbers of sites is often the opposite of their ingrained ways of thinking about links.

When most people think in terms of linking, they have visions of an unlimited number of incoming one way links, pouring traffic and Google PageRank into their sites.

Fortunately, that's not a problem for bloggers, for whom linking out is a part of maintaining a blog.

A hub site is designated by having numerous outbound links to other related sites. In that sense, developing a hub site runs counter to conventional thinking. A hub site blogger thinks outside that box.

A major problem facing a webmaster seeking to create a hub site is to find and attract incoming theme related links. To achieve that goal, a website owner must provide high quality content, that is both interesting and informative, to attract unsolicited inbound links.

Incoming links are required to build up PageRank, and to gain link popularity to move up the search engine rankings.

The incoming links difficulty can be solved the old fashioned way. The solution is always to add as much informative and useful content as possible.

Hubs are distinguished by their willingness to link out to other sites whose contents are based on similar themes. Google appears to have already given its blessing to hub sites. That endorsement by Google can be readily seen with blogs.

For blogs, linking out has not proven to be the drain on PageRank, that many people would ordinarily expect. In fact, for many blogs, linking out has helped to enhance their search engine rankings.

Linking out may have turned a number of leading blogs into hub sites for their theme area.

The reason for that blog linking out success in the search engines is similar to the power of the hub site. It’s based on linking out to other blogs that are written on similar topics and themes.

All website owners and bloggers can use that empirical data to their own benefit. There are enough blogs linking out, while maintaining strong PageRanks and search rankings to back up that concept.

If you link out to other sites and web pages, that are similar in topic to yours, you will not be held down by Google. Any drain on PageRank will be minimal at worst.

It’s thought as well, that Google is not kind to sites that attempt to hoard PageRank. If that is true, then seeking hub site status is a wise goal.

In any case, even if there is a minute loss of PageRank, the overall rise in the search engine results pages (SERPs) makes that more than a fair tradeoff.

Turn your blog into a hub, for your topic area, and reap the benefits in Google and the other search engines.

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Thursday, June 10, 2004


Press Releases: Getting in the media

Your blog and online business promotional efforts, can be multiplied many times over, by being the topic of a news story.

A mention of you and your online business, in any of the online or offline media, will get your business story out to a wider audience than almost any other method.

By being the subject of a news story, your site and business receive an implicit endorsement, that no amount of money spent on advertising can match. People tend to put more confidence in a business that is covered in a news article than they do in any paid advertisement. It should be part of your business promotional strategy to get your message into the various news media.

The established road into the news media is by way of a press release.

Your first step is to find a newsworthy story. In the news business, that is referred to as the “angle”. To find a news angle, many people suggest thinking like a journalist.

An even better idea is to think like an editor. The publication editor will always want to know the news value of the story and its angle. It’s up to you to provide it for them. Send them a press release.

There are many story ideas lurking in your business right now. You may have a new product that serves a specific need. Your website may have been redesigned in a new and unique way. Your staff may have had additions. Your site may have some special holiday or seasonal value. You may be involved in some unusual promotional or charitable events. There is also the good old human interest story.

A press release is like a cover letter and resume for your news story. It is written like a news story. In fact, some publications will print your press release without alteration, but don’t count on it. The best idea is to write it like a journalist would and review it through the eyes of the editor.

To start writing your press release, you must include some basic and necessary components.

Start with a headline. The headline is probably the single most important part of the release. It is the grabber. It makes or loses the sale. A busy editor, inundated with hundreds of press releases may not read beyond the headline.

Make it count. Words like You, New, How, Now, are especially strong and will help grab the editor’s attention. Like the headline in a good sales letter, newsletter, or your website, spend the majority of your time on the headline. It can make or break whether your story gets included or not. A headline should convey the idea of the article and compel the editor to read on to the lead paragraph.

The lead paragraph will answer the classic five who, what, where, when, and why questions. It should flow smoothly from the idea conveyed in the headline.

The lead, as it’s called, should answer directly to the headline. If it doesn’t either the lead, the headline, or both should be rewritten to send the same message.

The main body of your press release appears in the middle, following the lead paragraph. Here is where you provide the supporting news story for your lead and headline. Be sure to include some quotes from the key people involved in the story.

Write the press release in the inverted pyramid style. By that, I mean place the most important information first, and the less important supporting information second. Use short sentences with action verbs.

Be sure your press release reads as a news story and not as a sales letter. If it sounds like sales literature, it will likely end up in the trash or delete file.

At the end of the release, be certain to have your name, phone number where you are available, and a link to your blog or website.

Your contact information should also appear at the top of the release, below the headline. There you would include your company name, your contact name, address, phone and fax numbers, e-mail address, and your website URL.

Make yourself readily available and easily reached at all times to the media. If your release is not used, but you are easily contacted, you may still find yourself asked about other news stories in your industry.

If at all possible, get to know as many editors and journalists, who cover your industry and business in general. That familiarity, can get your press release noticed, and your name remembered, for other industry news stories.

Send your press release to the online and traditional offline media who cover news stories in your industry. If the news angle you have chosen has wider appeal, feel free to send it to other media who cover that news area.

Avoid sending your release to media who would have no interest in your story. Don’t ever be seen as a spammer. Your future releases will invariably wind up deleted if you are regarded that way.

While everyone imagines their story in the big city daily newspapers, they are only the tip of the iceberg. For them, your best bet is the business or technology section.

Don’t overlook small weekly newspapers. Their distribution is local and their readers are your potential customers. Often pressed for time and staff resources, they may publish your release as is.

Many trade and industry publications, both online and offline, publish news stories in your industry. These highly specialized and targeted publications are read by those people in your business area.

These magazines are very interested in receiving interesting and informative stories about your business, personnel, and products. They usually have special sections pertaining to those matters, and need stories to fill them.

Don’t forget to send your release to the many internet press release distribution sites like http://www.prweb.com.

Your log or site will receive valuable incoming links from all online media, and from many online versions of offline media as well. Links from media sites, who are often authority sites themselves, are strongly themed to your site.

Not only will they enhance your Google PageRank and incoming link totals, they will go far towards establishing your website as an authority site for your keywords,

Make your releases available along with an entire press kit. That kit should include company information, biographies of key personnel, and all previous releases relating to your business. You will need them for journalists when you are contacted about an article.

Along with a maintaining hard copy version, the online press kit will provide benefits too. The press kit’s keyword rich content will add more value to the search engines.

By sending out targeted press releases, to online and offline media outlets who cover your industry, you can receive valuable free publicity. That media exposure is better than any amount of paid online or offline advertising. By being the topic of a news story, your business gains almost immediate stature as an expert in the field.

By forming and maintaining available, reliable, and honest media contacts, you can also be quoted as an industry expert in other news stories. Keeping the channels open with the media will help you.

Talk to the various journalists and editors in your business area. Send them informal story ideas, even if they are not about your own company. You may still be quoted in the resulting article. Your own press releases will receive a warmer reception when you send them too.

Press releases can help your business reach new customers and clients with free publicity that money simply can’t buy.

Find a news angle in your business.

Send out your press releases today.

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Wednesday, June 09, 2004


High search engine rankings on Yahoo

Google is the dominant search engine of the moment.

When you want to search and find information, you "Google" it.

As the current leader in search engines, many people look no farther than Google.

But not everyone.

Many people use the newly revamped Yahoo search engine. In the years before Google was the search engine of choice, that distinction was the property of Yahoo.

There is a solid amount of visitor traffic to be gained from the users of the Yahoo search engine. You just need to know how to capture it.

On Google, on page content is important. On Yahoo, it's absolutely vital.

Fortunately, bloggers have a real edge on Yahoo, as fresh abundant content is pretty much the name of the blogging game.

Within that content, to make Yahoo happy without offending Google, you need to use your most important keyword phrases much more frequently.

The level of keyword use that's ideal for Google is about two to three words per hundred words. You can easily and safely double that level and raise your rankings higher in Yahoo. It shouldn't harm your search rankings in Google either.

Incoming links are vital for Google, but less important for Yahoo.

That said, Yahoo appears to value strong link anchor text on your incoming links. If the link text (the words on links to your blog that potential visitors click on) contains your keywords, and some contain your blog title, you will score well with both search engines.

Your blog should have meta tags for Yahoo.

If your blog doesn't have meta tags, you should add them, in the head area of your blog template. Use your most important keywords, in order of most to least important.

Don't over do it with adding meta tags either. About ten keywords is more than enough. Any more might be considered spamming and in any case, they won't likely be read anyway.

While Google only places very minimal importance on those meta tags, they carry some real weight with Yahoo. Be sure to take advantage of that easy and painless technique.

As with all search engines, fresh keyword rich content, and lots of incoming links pay off for you.

Blogs deliver those beneficial search engine points in spades.

Yahoo is no different.

Yahoo likes blogs too.

A lot!

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Tuesday, June 08, 2004


Linking experiment: Why not?

Peter Caputa is conducting an experiment.

I like blog experiments.

Besides, Peter says he'll pay five dollars to certain numbered bloggers who link to his experimental post.

Normally, I would link to the blog home page too, but Peter has requested that not happen.

As you wish, Peter.

The path I used to get to the blog post was taken from my visitor logs. His blog showed up as linking to one of my posts.

The reason for that mundane information is Peter wants to know how I got to his blog. The fact that I read his blog sometimes is not too important here.

Well, except maybe to Peter!

Being of a scientific mind, and interested in a quick fiver, I linked to Peter's post.

Good luck Peter on your testing.

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Monday, June 07, 2004


Carnival of the Capitalists in the window

That ongoing festival of business, law, economics, and entrepreneurship better known as Carnival of the Capitalists is peeking throught the glass this week at the great business and marketing blog The Window Manager.

This behind the glass edition of Carnival of the Capitalists features some tremedous entries from some of the finest bloggers on the internet. Topics include Marketing, Finance and Economics, Corporate Governance, Entrepreneurship, and Knitting.

I have an entry this week.

My column entitled "DMOZ Directory: Include your blog today" was included this week.

Next week, the Carnival of the Capitalists moves to political blog We The People.

If you are sending entries, for inclusion in the next or any Carnival of the Capitalists, send your entries to capitalists -at- elhide.com
for inclusion.

In two weeks time, On June 21, Carnival of the Capitalists will be hosted right here at Blog Business World.

In the meantime, click on over and peek through the window at The Window Manager's version of the Carnival of the Capitalists.

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Blogs: Finding your voice

All blogs need to have a distinctive feel.

Even yours.

If your blog looks, reads, and parrots every other blog on the internet, your traffic levels will drop.

Like the proverbial stone.

Vikk Simmons, at The Writers' Path has been doing some thinking and writing about finding your voice or blog tone, or as Vikk calls it, your "e-voice".

Vikk believes that successful bloggers need to develop a distinctive "e-voice".

She asks, "What does your e-voice say about you?"

Now there is a question worth pondering.

Many of the best bloggers, and coincidently they are bloggers with solid and loyal followings, have blogs that could only be written by them.

No one else.

Some of the best written blogs may not have the largest number of visitors clicking their traffic counters. They have loyal readers, however, who return every day.

Vikk is certainly right about that. Your readers want to read quality writing. More importantly, they want to read and know you.

If you can provide the personal, along with the top notch writing skills, you will have the best of both worlds.

I suppose my blogging voice tends toward the informative, and less toward the intimately personal. Now there's something you don't see on my blog every day.

A personal comment.

I don't use personal comments about myself for a reason.

This blog is an informational blog, designed to help other bloggers achieve their goals. I try to provide the knowledge, that I have accumulated, through years of often painful experience.

If I can assist even one person to become successful, I'll consider my blogging efforts a success.

Instead of seeing many posts about my personal life, you get the blogging voice of a helpful neighbour here.

Perhaps you could say I have a mentoring voice.

If that's the case, it's fine with me.

Let's work together, and make everyone's blog a successful one.

Over time, you will develop a unique, and high calibre blogging voice.

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Saturday, June 05, 2004


Blog topics: How to find them

Finding blog topics is a universal problem for most bloggers.

Or rather, it's the lack of them that's the problem.

Do you experience that sudden panic that you have "nothing to blog about"?

Do you feel that you are somehow letting your loyal and faithful readership down?

Are you desperately searching through notes, looking for an idea, any idea, to write about?

If you answered Yes to one or more of these questions, then here is some help for you.

First of all, stop worrying. The worst that can happen is that your blog will have a day without a post. Your readers will understand and return the following day.

Contrary to popular opinion, the sky will not fall on your head.

Take a trip through your blog links and read a few of your favourites. Right off the bat, a few blogging ideas will present themselves. You can either link to another blogger's post, and comment upon it, or you can use that concept as a springboard in an entirely fresh direction.

If you link to a blog post, or borrow an idea, be sure to link back to their blog. Give every idea creator their dues.

If you are a member of internet forums, and if you read my columns daily, you probably are a member of a few. Check out their popular discussions, and turn the ideas into a blog post of your own.

Be sure to credit anyone's ideas that you select for use.

You may have had some events take place in your life, or in your local community, that scream to be blog posts. Answer the yellings in your head, and post on the subject.

If you have read any books, a review makes a wonderful and popular posting idea. Be certain to link to the author's site as a courtesy.

Perhaps a news item or television program caught your fancy. Or not. Television shows, whether good or not so good, are ready made blog columns.

Write down a list of ideas as they occur to you. Keep a pencil and paper handy. Call it your blog post idea vault. You will require and use every idea some day.

I guarantee it.

Don't worry about blog post ideas.

They will bombard you from every direction.

All you have to do is catch them.

And write your columns.

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Business blogs are blooming

Business blogs are booming.

Business blogs are also blooming.

The idea of adding a business blog to a business website appears to be picking up steam.

Business owners and managers are catching onto the value of a business blog for their search engine power. They are also recognizing the power of a business blog to communicate with their customers, business associates, and the news media.

The number of business oriented business blogs continues to grow.

Business blogs are in a bull market.

Rick Bruner at Business Blog Consulting is attempting to catalogue the many great business blogs that are appearing everywhere. Rick reports that he has discussed and linked to almost 200 business blogs.

Business blogs are indeed blooming.

Here are just a few recent examples.

Jennifer Rice, at the must read What's Your Brand Mantra? has begun to compile a list of companies that use blogs successfully.

Bill Slawski of A Nasty Bit of Business is also a featured contributor to Cre8tive Flow. Bill has begun to highlight some outstanding business blogs as well.

Business blogs are growing in number.

Business bloggers are also helping to market and promote one anothers blogs.

The future looks bright indeed for business blogging.

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Friday, June 04, 2004


Blogs and gifts

Here I am again with a birthday post.

Birthdays usually bring along visions of presents.

Bloggers often think in terms of gifts too.

Did you ever notice that many bloggers have an Amazon.com wish list?

On the Amazon.com wish list, a person registers and then lists the merchandise they would like to receive.

The most frequently requested items are books, movie DVDs, and music CDs.

To receive as gifts.

I don't have an Amazon.com wish list, but they must work, because there are lots of them out there in the blogosphere.

Perhaps some people, who have such a registry, could relate their experiences.

Do people actually receive gifts from their wish lists?

By the way, I am always open to receiving gifts, donations, and incoming links.

:-) :-) :-)

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Thursday, June 03, 2004


Today is my birthday

Well, today is my birthday.

I'll have to think of a birthday, and perhaps gift related post for the occasion.

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Wednesday, June 02, 2004


Blogs and money: A fun topic

Blogs and money.

Some observers say they mix about as well as fire and water.

Blog critics believe that blogs can never be money makers.

So far, the returns have favoured the doubters. The vast preponderance of blogs fail to produce any revenue whatsoever.

Of course, from that vast and overwhelming majority, we must remove all of the blogs, where the owners flatly do not want to make any money.

In a nutshell, many bloggers refuse to have any commercial or revenue producing streams associated with their blogs at all.

Once that group of purists is removed from the equation, we see some bloggers starting to make some progress toward monetization.

The problem is that the journey to cash is a slow one.

The first halting steps toward making a living as a blogger are slow and often painful ones.

In a post about blog revenue, The Blogfather invites bloggers to tell him about their blog revenue. The Blogfather mentions how some of the big name bloggers are already on a revenue producing path.

I would think the money trail will eventually move lower into the more mainstream blog pecking order over time. Some mid level blogs will start to produce some dollars for their owners too.

I am attempting an experiment by offering my readers free magazine articles. Simply click on the rotating display ad and take advantage of the no strings attached free magazine offer. I get a small commission from each free magazine subscription claimed.

So far, the experiment has been good. Many of my readers are getting the free business and industry magazines. Since they are available to readers world wide, that helps a lot.

I'll keep everyone apprised of the experiment.

Right now, I depend upon my blog as a general advertisement for marketing my skills as a freelance writer.

My blog also highlights my knowledge of search engine optimization, for those businesses who want their websites to rise in the search engine rankings.

The use of the blog, as a resume, is still a work in progress.

Highly regarded baseball blogger Aaron Gleeman of Aaron's Baseball Blog and The Hardball Times has asked readers for donations to purchase a computer. Aaron's donations request was very successful for him in purchasing a new computer.

Perhaps there is still some future, for the "tip jar" type donations, for favourite and most informative bloggers. The donation system appears to work best however, as a one time donation of support, for bloggers in need.

I have requested, in the past, that my readers provide financial assistance to Jennifer at Drink this. Jennifer was experiencing severe money problems. She could still use a bit of cash to help her out. If you click over to Drink this, don't forget to show your monetary support for Jennifer.

She deserves your support.

There will be many ways to make cash from blogs in the future.

Some methods will include an advertising model. Some bloggers will gain commissions from book and music album sales as affiliates.

There will be blogs that return cash in ways as yet unknown.

Some bloggers will refuse to receive any money for their blogging efforts at all.

It appears to be a mixed bag right now.

We'll follow this idea in the future.

Let's follow the money.

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Tuesday, June 01, 2004


Carnival of the Canucks: Blogs in the Great White North

Canadian bloggers write great blogs.

If you ever doubted that concept, all you have to do is take a surf to an installment of Carnival of the Canucks.

This week, the Canadian blog caravan makes its stop at Jennifer Vetterli's fine Circadian Shift blog.

Jennifer's hosting of Carnival of the Canucks features some of the finest bloggers from the Great White North.

Many of them are well known around the blogging world. Others simply need a little wider audience.

The posts vary from busines to food, with some Canadian tourism tossed into the recipe. There are advice and helpful hints blogs, plus a number of posts on the Canadian Federal Election.

Yes, it's true.

There are more elections out there in the world than what you see on the television news. Here's your opportunity to catch up on voting in Canada.

I have an entry included in this week's Carnival of the Canucks.

Jennifer has taken the liberty of including my post on links and content for search engine optimization entitled "Links vs. Content: They both count".

That post has found the rare situation of being part of two Carnivals, as Jennifer points out to her readers.

"Links vs. Content: They both count" was also included when Richard Stokes of Startup Skills hosted the May 23 edition of Carnival of the Capitalists.

I am flattered by all of the inclusions in the various Carnivals.


For future editions of Carnival of the Canucks, check out the Carnival of the Canucks home page.

In the meantime.

Take a trip north to Canada and experience some Canadian bloggers at Jennifer Vetterli's hosting of Carnival of the Canucks.

It's Spring in Canada.

You won't get too cold!

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