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Saturday, February 26, 2005


Previous posts still bring visitors

Blog posting on a regular and long term basis pays off in visitor traffic.

Older posts are like a good gift that keeps on giving.

Like a beautiful flowering apple tree, a blog continues to grow and bear fruit. It also provides sustenance from the past, like apples frozen for pies at a later date.

A tour of your visitor logs will reveal this phenomenon in action.

Most longer term blogs will find visitors to older posts, often up to a year old.

A quick perusal of your blog's visitor logs will reveal the past returning, as an endless cycle of renewal.

Everything that's old is definitely new again, when it comes to blogging.

I've had visitors resulting from guest columns written elsewhere over a year ago.

Links from other blogs, to long since archived postings, are another reliable source of fresh visitor traffic. Each new reader is a potential regular visitor, and perhaps someone who will link to your blog.

The cycle continues.

Rinse and repeat.

We tend to often look at our blogs, and those of our most frequent reads, in terms of the here and now. It's a function of blog time, which turns last week's posts into ancient history, perhaps contempory with the fall of the Roman Empire.

Or even earlier.

Internet time is short and moves at the speed of electrons. We begin to think in those extremely brief time frames ourselves.

We often forget that many new internet users go live every single day. Out of those novice internet travellers, some become bloggers for the very first time. They join many long time internet surfers who have also only recently discovered the power of blogs and of blogging.

Our older posts are all new to them, as our archives are fresh to those who have only recently found our blogs.

As a result, our older and often almost forgotten posts bring in some brand new blog visitor traffic.

The old postings become new, and their first time readers become our new visitors.

Instead of always thinking about the most recent columns and articles on your blog, take time to remember your previous writings are just as valuable.

History works for bloggers.

Your blog's past helps your blog's present and future come alive.

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