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Thursday, March 03, 2005


Articles build blog readership

Writing internet articles is a powerful way to add visitor traffic to your blog.

Articles provide tremendous personal and professional benefits as well.

Articles are in demand all over the internet. Many traditional websites want them for additional content, and will seek out the services of a good writer.

If you know your subject matter, you will have no shortage of takers for your writing efforts.

All you have to do is be on topic. In fact, if you want to write articles on almost any subject under the rainbow, all you have to do is contact several of the webmasters in your topic area. They will gladly place your articles prominently on their websites.

The great thing about the articles, is they are usually on subjects, that you write about all the time anyway. You don't need to do extra research, as you already have the knowledge required to a great job, right at your fingertips.

When a website owner publishes your article on the website, be certain to get a live link back to your site. Most website owners will be more than happy to have you provide a brief biography of you, a photograph of your smiling face, and information about your blog and your business.

As you place a number of articles on several websites, you will accomplish more than one goal.

You will obviously receive a few more visitors to your blog, as a result of your incoming link. The extra traffic will be from people who are already interested in your blog's subject matter.

You will establish yourself as an expert in your field, and other people will call upon your ideas and information. The recognition of others, who are interested in the same topics and site themes as yourself, could lead to some paying business in other ways.

The writing credits help to build a writing portfolio, that will serve you well, in the employment market. A series of published articles provides added power to your resume. In a highly competitive job market, the publication history could tip the balance in your favour.

You can also land freelance writing jobs on traditional websites. The ability to write interesting copy, on any topic, is a skill that is constantly in high demand.

Copywriting for sales and marketing, in particular, have an almost unlimited market. Every internet e-commerce website owner, or at least all of the ones that I know, want to increase their overall sales and profits.

If you can write sales and marketing copy, that will increase their sales numbers, you will never be short of writing assignments. You might even have to raise your writing fees.

Your blog will move higher in the search engine rankings. Google in particular, values theme and topic related incoming links. MSN Search and Yahoo also give high marks to incoming links, but to a slightly lesser degree than Google.

In any case, your blog will move higher in the search rankings for your most important keywords, as a result of those links. The end result of higher search engine placement is more visitor traffic for your blog.

Writing articles helps your blog in more ways than one.

It's time to add article writing and sales copywriting to your list of accomplishments.

Your business and your blog will benefit greatly.

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