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Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Carnival of the Vanities 141

Welcome one and all to the oldest and longest running blog Carnival on the internet.

Yes, it's Carnival of the Vanities time once again.

This is my very first hosting of the Carnival of the Vanities here at Blog Business World.

Thanks to Bigwig at Silflay Hraka for creating the Carnival and for developing a wonderful blogging tradition.

And I wanted to do something a little bit different from tradition.

After all, what is tradition for if you can't take it out on the Carnival Midway and toss it away in a game of chance. I have a giant stuffed duck sitting beside me here as I type, as a constant reminder of throwing balls at targets at a fair.

I won't mention the loss of cash that went along with the adventure. After all, it's the fun that counts.



On to the Carnival.

We have entries on all sorts of topics for your clicking and reading enjoyment. It's like the old saying of offering something for everyone.

And no, this is not a garage sale.

Now where was I?

Oh yes. At the Carnival of the Vanities.

Now where to begin.

Decisions. Decisions.

After much soul searching and consulting of tea leaves, cards, and some coffee stains on the carpet, I elected to begin with business.

After all, you've got to get the cash to play the game.

And this is a business blog. And Madonna is a "Material Girl"; and all that stuff.

Gotta love stuff.

Well, on with the show.

Business, Markets, Economics, and Dollars

Let's start with some free legal advice passed from an unknown attorney to Wicked Thoughts. It might save you some dollars...or some cents.

Greg at Generic Confusion has some suggestions for making a local Indiana barter exchange even better at its stock in trade. Old fashioned trades, barters, and swaps are making a comeback.

Ashish Hanwadikar at Ashish's Niti has some thoughts on changing the funding for Social Security. Viewing the issue from the point of view of immigrant workers, Ashish suggests that estate taxes could be used to fund shortfalls in the program.

Over at The Other Bloke's Blog, Barry Welford examines the ubiquitous Google "I'm Feeling Lucky" button. Does anyone ever click that thing? Anyway, Barry suggests that a strong company name might help to hit the lottery on "Lucky" button. Barry suspects, however, that it's more about Google's own brand building, than about your brand.

Gretchen Ross at The Green Lantern shares doubts of the advertising claims made by the major grocery store chains. She recommends buying produce from local farmers' markets for the taste, for your health, and for helping local farmers and small businesses to grow and prosper.

According to Anita Campbell at Small Business Trends the internet is transforming rural and farm businesses. With an internet connection, a rural based small business has a global reach and a world wide market. Be sure to read the links to 15 case studies of rural businesses who have become world businesses.

Kim Snider of Kimmunications asks readers of all ages about where they would invest their money. The needs and goals of a 35 year old investor might differ from those of a 55 year old investor. With that possibility in mind, Kim asks if the older person would choose the options suggested in the post; or make different investment choices entirely.

Lisa Haneberg of Management Craft asks what is your "tuning fork" that keeps you in tune with your business and its customers. Lisa offers some ideas for keeping the music playing the right notes.

FMF of Free Money Finance sends a five part series, where he asked five top personal finance experts to offer their single best piece of advice and this is what they said. Follow the links on the post to the next four parts.

Here at Blog Business World I review Beth Robinson's Execukos business blog and its powerful writing on gaining wisdom for organizational leaders.

Law, Crime, and Other Legal Issues

Dave Schuler of The Glittering Eye reviews what the World Trade Organization is doing on intellectual property law, with a special focus on the intellectual property law of biotechnology.

Mike Pechar of Interested Participant sends an update on the Dr. Moonda Murder Case. Mike says As news leaks out on the murder case of the well-respected and prominent doctor, fingers of suspicion are pointing towards a possible conspiracy involving Donna Moonda, Dr. Moonda's widow.

Josh Cohen of Multiple Mentality has a two part feature on how last
Tuesday, there was a single-vehicle accident north of Atlanta. Two teenagers died, three were injured. Evidently, four teenagers who were drunk called a fifth, who was age 16, to be their designated driver. Josh says that reports indicate he fell asleep at the wheel.

Media, Print, Movies, Television, and Blogging

Les Jones of Les Jones Blog was guest blogging this week over at the Knoxville News Sentinel blog. While there, Les offered some advice to the news media about some common mistakes writers and reporters make when discussing firearms. He even offers to take journalists and other writers out to shoot real guns, to aid with his advice.

The Conservative Edge has lots of concerns with the news media and the whole truth. He offers a first hand account that shows the media is only interested in getting part of the truth, and not reporting the entire story.

Aaron of Aaron's cc believes he can retire now that he has met Ann Coulter.

Rosa Say of Talking Story talks about the two books she's reading now, and how Blogsville has truly added a dimension to a book's reading and comprehension, and with helping the reader immediately put a book's Big Thoughts into practice.

Mr. Snitch of Mr. Snitch tells us how to make a Fantastic comic book adaptation. He also gives his opinion as to why Batman Begins works, why The Fantastic Four doesn't, and why The Incredibles beat them to the punch anyway.

Watcher of Watcher of Weasels tells us "This Is How Filmmaking Dies -- With Thunderous Applause". You know the movie.

Michael Higgins of Chocolate and Gold Coins provides an account of how bloggers in India and in the U.S. caught a Communist Party politician in India in his deception. Score one for blogger-power.

Ferdinand T. Cat of The Conservative Cat discusses Arianna Huffington and her well publicized blog.

Chris of L&N Line provides a long post (aside: and I thought I wrote long posts) on the 2004-2005 season on television. He hopes that there are some TV fans that would like to read the discussion.

Martin Lindeskog of EGO sends his third anniversary of blogging post. The post was published on Martin's birthday on May 25. He discusses his three years of blogging and his future plans.

Ironman at Political Calculations asks why are established media outlets moving to wall off their online content from free access? Ironman notes a trend.

Eric Scheie from Classical Values sends his reaction to the movie "Crash." His review summary: "It fails as propaganda, and as art."

Patricia from Gaze Theory reviews the documentary film On Faith And Doubt, which she calls "an eloquent and unsparing examination of the the sacred and the profane within each human soul."

American Politics and Current Events

Palmetto Pundit over at The Palmetto Pundit promised that he would remove the clock on his blog, showing the number of days that had passed since John Kerry's promise to sign form SF-180, when Kerry signed it. The promise still stands for Senator Kerry, but Palmetto Pundit says he will need proof of signature.

Jack Cluth of The Peoples Republic of Seabrook has the powerful and emphatic message that sometimes free speech is offensive speech. Deal with it. Jack emphasises that freedom of speech means exactly that...

Rick Moran of Rightwing Nuthouse discusses what to do with former anti-Castro Cuban exile Luis Posada Carriles.

Kevin at Technogypsy says to BAS that everyone talks about oil in terms of
. Gasoline isn't what worries Kevin, who's looking at the BAS article as a bad example...

Over at Logical Meme read about George Bush's position on embryonic stem cell research.

Joe Gandelman at The Moderate Voice discusses whether the stem cell issue is going to splinter and eventually hurt the GOP.

Kid Various at The Idiom writes about "Donald Trump, preening blow-hard... and absolutely right." You know you've got to read that one, right?

Steven Crouch at BlueStateRed argues that the calls for Bush's impeachment in light of the "Downing Street Memo" are premature at best.

John Ray of Dissecting Leftism has a post with links to stories about abortion, immigration, deaths in public hospitals, police brutality and much more.

Two Dogs from Mean Ol' Meany", in a highly provocative post, calls out MSNBC for misrepresentation, and claims proof once and for all that the racists are Democrats.

Chris Lynch of A Large Regular says Colin Powell has been added to a group that is trying to purchase the Washington Nationals. Chris sees this as a possible first step toward Powell eventually replacing Bud Selig as Commissioner of Major League Baseball.

Phil of Shades of Gray (Umbrae Canarum) sends an article considering those who move away from the Left but not exactly to the Right.

Bill Adams of Idler Yet states there was no legendary "Deep Throat" in the Watergate affair. Bill says Felt couldn't have been everything Woodward said he was, but Bill writes it's not as though Woodward and Bernstein actually uncovered anything anyway.

International Politics and War

David Gerstman of Soccer Dad offers a brief history of relations between the most recent American Presidents and Israel. Soccer Dad believes President Bush appears to be picking up on some unfortunate tendencies of his immediate predecessors.

Will Franklin of WILLisms.com looks at Angela Merkel, potential successor to Gerhard Shroeder, as Chancellor of Germany. Will believes she may be the best hope for German-American relations.

Lance Salyers of Ragged Edges sends the conclusion of last week's post, "True Lies (Part II): What the recent events of U.S. prisoner abuse and Qur'an desecration say about the difference between the Enemy and Us."

Mahatma of The Loonatic Left asks what if Canada keeps falling apart economically? Quote:

I don't want a bunch of Canadians coming down here willing to work for peanuts stealing good jobs from Americans! One good thing about the northern border though, it is hard as hell to swim across the St. Lawrence River!

Alan K. Henderson of Alan K. Henderson's Weblog provides a map showing the nations where US soldiers have fallen, and a list of past conflicts. The map is powered by world66.com's "Visited Countries" map.

Charlie Quidnunc of Rip & Read Blogger Podcast sends an audio post to get your blogosphere in your ear. Charlie covers the following topics: The French "Non", Bush's Presser: "Absurd", and Unholy Alliance.

Elizabeth Dodge of Liberty Cadre says a popular anti-Constitution organisation has been launched in the UK. Elizabeth asks if it will be able to stand up to the full force of the EU Yes-train?

Mustang 23 of Assumption Of Commnad writes about "Operation Lighning", and also discusses how the Iraqi Army is starting to take areas of responsibility from US forces. Mustang 23 considers this to be really good news.

Adam Gurri of Sophistpundit writes about party unity in Canada and the USA, and how he believes it is entirely counterproductive in a democracy.

John Nardini of Danali Flavors discusses an interesting email from a customer of their business. John says it's especially “interesting” since it has a war theme.

Medicine, Health, and Wellness

Opinionated Bastard of The Opinionated Bastard has learned to be tolerant of people with chemical dependencies, and he explains why as part of what he calls his "hippy theories".

Mad House Madman over at Chronicles of a Medical Mad House provides a comic post regrading recent research on the common cold and what it might tell about marriage life.

Marsha at A Weight Lifted offers some timely thoughts on healthy eating as an alternative to the various popular diets. Marsha says it's a diet you can really love...because it isn't a diet at all.

Overshop of My Fascinating Life describes living a productive life in spite of mental illness. She also discusses the effects that mental illness has had on her relationships.

Steve Pavlina of Steve Pavlina's Blog describes how to become an early riser.

Don Baker of Zap*Germs provides analysis of the UK media's reaction to news of a marine's death by infection. He identifies and comments on what he considers the following knee-jerk MSM responses:
1. Impart and/or Stoke Fear
2. Blame Authorities for Inaction
3. Bring it Home: Find & Highlight More Real-life Experiences
4. Relegate Practical Advice to a Sidebar

Society, Culture, Ethics, and Morality

Equuschick at The Common Room writes that she "works at a county facility, is often given community service workers to supervise. Among these was a very young boy in alternative school, between 12 and 14. He was her Nemesis. He drove her nuts and she felt bad that he drove her nuts, because he was fatherless and his older brother just got out of jail. He needs a Father Figure. Unfortunately, The Equuschick is a 20 year old female who has long been completely inept at Relating to People and she didn't make much of a Father Figure." Read on.

Bill Tucker at The Phnom Penh offers a discussion of fantasy and reality and offers some examples of how those lines are often blurred including a murder case and the Iraq War.

Jeremy Pierce of Parableman analyzes a defense of affirmative action that considers making decisions based on race to be not sacrificing qualifications but as including something that can itself be a qualification. Jeremy asks if this argument is enough to justify affirmative action? He responds to his own query by writing that in principle, yes, but it usually gets taken way too far.

Warren Meyer at Coyote Blog provides some thoughts on the large number of libertarian bloggers.

Ameribritwife of Taken In Hand says that for many couples, the move to a "Taken In Hand" relationship brings fewer arguments not because the woman is then silenced (she is not) but because there is more good feeling and intimacy in the relationship.

Chad Hamilton of PlaidBerry postulates that if the primary goal of the "Culture Wars" is to change hearts and minds, then the war analogies are perhaps the worst possible method. Rather than eschewing labels and opening a dialogue, Chad believes we would be reinforcing the stereotypes and further entrenching the "armies" on both sides.

Mark Daniels of Better Living: Thoughts From Mark Daniels offers a collection of thought provoking links on a wide range of topics.

Life in General

Dean Abbott of Notes and Meditations describes the terrible experiences he had with gym teachers in high school, and is wondering why that experience is so universal.

Jill Fallon of Legacy Matters pays homage to Aldo Leopold "A Great Legacy come full circle".

David St. Lawrence of Ripples says there have been so many posts written about the problems of growing older, getting employed as you get older, and how life used to be better somehow at some past time, that he was compelled to write a post about using ones experiences instead of regretting them. He hopes his thoughts encourage others to look more positively toward their own futures.

Elliot Temple of Curiosity writes poetically: "I love you, and that’s all that matters".

Humour, Humor, Comedy, Satire, and Other Funny Stuff

Buckley F. Williams of The Nose On Your Face has found the "Top 9 Made Up Yet Completely Plausible Robert Byrd Quotes".

Kal Jones of Kal's World says that "Now the front yard's a protected habitat... oops, maybe not" where the idea is putting the endangered species act to good use: avoiding lawnwork.

Mark A. Rayner of The Skwib is imagining what a Dalek might say to a government interviewer when captured. Mark says this is skwibby fiction: stories inspired by news and current events (in this case a New Scientist piece about the nature of sarcasm).

Laurence Simon of This Blog Is Full Of Crap provides a note from Piper to her Daddy. It defies description. Really. Just read it and see.

Next week's Carnival of the Vanities host blog will be at the political blog known as The Conservative Edge.

Thanks to everyone for their tremendous entries and to all of the visitors who stopped by to read them.

It was a real honour to host this wonderful event.

Your support is greatly appreciated.

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