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Friday, September 02, 2005


Small business blogs: Where are they?

Small business blogs. Where are they?

This is the question posed by my good friend Anita Campbell writing on regarding business blogs for small companies. Anita, of course, is best known for her highly insightful and informative blog known as Small Business Trends.

She strongly advises all business people to monitor and read as many small business blogs as possible. The information contained in small business blogs is practical and powerful. It's news you and your own small business can use.

Anita reminds her readers that small business blogs can be easily found in the various blog directories. All of them list business, marketing, public relations, human resources, and other business related themes and topics. You can find a list of blog directories on my Blog Resources links section.

There is little doubt of the power of a business blog for a small business owner, manager, or entrepreneur. Whether the business venture is in the startup phase, or the compnay has been in operation for generations, there is value to adding a business blog component to the company's marketing and public relations efforts.

The relationship built through conversation between blogger and reader is beyond value. The putting of a human face and voice to a business can only be measured in the results. Let's call them Before Blog and After Blog. With few exceptions, a business will be more effective After Blog than any time before the addition of this powerful marketing tool. The interpersonal relationship marketing is simply that strong an attractor for new customers.

Instead of expensive advertising or marketing campaigns that are often priced well beyond the means of the budding entrepreneur or seasoned business professional, try launching a business blog instead. The investment in the blog is time and talent, and your own personality. When cash is scarce, your own sweat equity might be all that you can offer. A blog is the ideal vehicle for just such a business.

Take a tip from Anita Campbell, monitor and read small business blogs for ideas and inspriation. You can take that advice one step beyond, and start a small business blog today.

Make this date the first day After Blog.

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