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Saturday, January 28, 2006


Sponsorships to events: Attendence may be required

Blogging events are appearing everywhere. As a result, more and more information is being exchanged about the power of business, marketing, public relations, and SEO blogs than ever before. The only problem is attending all of the functions. Not all bloggers have the necessary funds to share in the knowledge available.

Because of money shortages, many bloggers simply don't go to any or all of the blogging conferences they might enjoy. Instead of mentioning their financial situations, the cash strapped blogger quietly avoids the issue, and stays at home. As a result, more people than the non-attending blogger are the losers.

The bloggers who elect to remain silent about their financial status miss an opportunity to learn more about the strength of blogging. Ideas that the stay at home bloggers possess about starting, building, and enhancing an online business are not shared with others. Everyone loses as some golden information sharing opportunites are lost.

Not only are ideas not shared with everyone, none are returned. After all, blogging concepts are more than a two way street. They are a multi-lane...yes...I know, I'll say it...superhighway. Instead of free flowing traffic, there are only a few vehicles on the road. Many new entrants are left on the shoulders.

Along with the missing concepts about blogging are lost chances to meet and network with peers. Other blog owners are your peers, and also potential business partners, customers, or vendors. Contacts lost by the few are boundless possibilities lost to the entire entire economy. We're talking big picture stuff here.

Let's not let any opportunites pass any bloggers left in the slow lane. Instead, share the wealth and sponsor a blogger to a blogging conference.

Find out which bloggers should be attending a blogging event, and offer to sponsor their trip in some way. Airline, train, or bus tickets are helpful for transportation to and from the event. Perhaps, you are driving to the conference. An extra blogging passenger, and incidently spare driver, could make for some pleasant company, and a much more enjoyable journey.

At the event city itself, offering a room or couch to a blogger eases the financial burden of paid accomodation. Sharing a home cooked meal with a hungry blogger can cement a friendship for life.

Businesses can get into the sponsorship act as well. In return for services such as transportation, food, and lodging, a blogger can offer some prominent advertising space on the blog. A mention in posts before, during, and after the event is powerful public relations for the company. If the business also has a business blog (as they should), their bloggers can mention the blogger sponsorship and the event as well.

How about a Sponsor A Blogger campaign, complete with clickable link buttons and a blog. The sponsor and the blogger would become an instant partnership, and share it with the world. Potential business relationships are even likely to follow.

As you can see, the possibilities are limited only by everyone's imaginations.

Speak out if you want a sponsorship to an event. Potential sponsors should seek out bloggers who have something unique to offer.

Everyone wins in the end.

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Good on you Wayne! I hope to see you on the Blogonomics cruise. I'm thiknking you could use a few sponsors for that event!
Hey Jim. I would be more than happy to accept any and all sponsorships offered for attending blog conferences. :-)
Great Idea Jim! Let's get Wayne blogging on the high seas.
Sounds like a sponsorship drive to me. :-)
I wish I could get someone or a business to sponsor me to go to NY for the FOAA. I won tickets through problogger, but I am one of those strapped for cash bloggers that probably won't be able to make it. You're right, though, most of us just sit here and remain silent about our financial affairs....
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