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Saturday, January 21, 2006


You are not the only one: Removing barriers

You are the only one.

You've probably had someone tell you those very words, or ones very much like them. They are some of the most damaging words that can be said to anyone. While they seem innocent enough on the surface, their implication is far from gentle. Let me explain by way of some examples.

You are the only one deeply in debt. You are the only one who hasn't got a job, or alternatively a good job. You are the only one not making any money or becoming successful. You are the only one...on and and on. As you can see, the variations to the theme are endless. They are also untrue.

If you were the only one in deeply in debt, there would be no need for a debt collection industry. If you were the only person without a job, then there would be no need for organizations as widely different as employment agencies and unemployment insurnace. There wouldn't even be words to describe the condition. If you were the only one not making any money, there would be no such words as poverty, homelessness, or social inequality. You get my drift.

You are the only one is simply untrue and hurful to the person on the receiving end. The goal of the speaker might be to help, or perhaps even to hurt, but in the end the result is the same. The listener feels inferior, inadequate, and alone. Instead of a boost to the confidence, the chair is pulled out from beneath them.

It need not be that way. You are not the only one, and you are definitely not alone. As bloggers, we understand that other people share common problems, roadblocks, and sometimes need a helping hand too. Occasionally, we can even offer assistance to others ourselves. As a matter of fact, helping others to succeed was and remains my business blog's most important goal.

Bloggers can support one another and remove that sense of aloneness and isolation in several ways. Perhaps a group of bloggers could meet via instant messenger, chat room, or conference call on a regular basis to discuss common difficulties. Learning from others and sharing experiences can serve to stimulate new and fresh ideas, as well as help to overcome that sense of being entirely on your own. Knowing how other people solved their problems can go far in easing your own difficuties.

Blogger sharing can go far beyond business meetings to discuss personal issues as well. The number of topics for the blogger support group are literally endless. They are bounded only by the needs and experience of the group members.

Don't listen to anyone who tells you that you are the only one. Instead, remind them that you are part of a strong group of independent like minded individuals who help one another succeed in business and in life. You are far from being alone and the only one.

Helping others assists you in achieving your goals too.

Bloggers helping bloggers is the the best path to shared success in any aspect of life.

Join with others today. You are most definitely not alone.

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I noticed because you linked to my blog (because of the Carnival of the Vanities I think) and it did the same...
Sheesh! There is no attempt to hide it either. I don't want to give thieves link credit, but you can find the exact post by clicking below:

Sorry, I had a mistake in my pervious comment.

I wanted to say, thank you for the suggestions you made. As a new blogger as well as a new business owner I need all the help I can get.
The intriguing thing about the "borrowing" blog is it has no contact information that I can find either. They do make it difficult to remove the post. They claim to be a web consulting firm, but they certainly are not concerned with proper linking or copywrite blogging procedure. I hope they don't advise their clients to use their unethical techniques. For the record, I have no affiliation with their firm, blog, or websites in any way.

Thanks to everyone who pointed out this problem. You assistance is greatly appreciated.
Hi Ana. I'm glad you find my information helpful to your new business and new business blog.
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