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Monday, November 06, 2006


Real magic: Blog messages are magical

Do you believe in magic?

No, I'm not talking about the magician's sleight of hand tricks, ancient castles, or even some magical potion as portrayed in the movies. Instead, we want to discuss the power of real magic. You won't find this type of magic in an old wand or some ancient cauldron. Instead, it's easily recognized as the mail box, your telephone, or your computer e-mail system.

Reach out to others and discover the true meaning of magic.

The magic isn't in the technology used for the communications, it's the message that is being delivered. For example, when you send an e-mail to a friend, or send them a card or letter, you brighten their day. Your seemingly simple act of friendship possessed a power beyond some fairy tale sorcery. You changed someone's life.

If you are needing help with a difficult problem, and you call or e-mail someone requesting assistance, you are putting magic to work. By not making contact with anyone, nothing happens. By sending out a message, entire worlds can change. Your request for help will probably be answered with kindness, as most people want to be helpful to others. In this increasingly complex world, the most basic human interaction becomes even more important.

That's real magic at work.

As bloggers, we already understand the power of the written word for sharing our thoughts and ideas with others. For many people, the simple act of writing blog posts is a world changing act. Even a personal diary blog, describing the events of the day, has the power to help the writer understand the day to day events of life. Sharing and discussing experiences helps the blogger to feel that others can identify with their lives. Instead of feeling alone and isolated, the blogger can find a powerful and empathetic support group, only an e-mail or a call away.

For business and professional bloggers, their individual worlds can change beyond recognition. Business blogs help build relationships with potential and current customers and clients. While the blog requires work, and the relationships must be nurtured, many lives can be changed for the better. As bloggers get to know one another, friendships and business ideas are shared, helping one another to achieve greater success. Many bloggers form partnerships and companies. Now that's changing a world for the better. It's powerful magic in action for the betterment of everyone.

Reaching out to others, and sharing thoughts, experiences, and ideas is true magic. It doesn't require special esoteric training, or years poring over ancient texts. All it requires is basic human interaction. Blogs are conversation starters, used in place of magical spells, and much more effective. As people interact back and forth, some powerful changes take place during the communications. Friendships and relationships are built from the trust created through talking to each other.

The real magic in the world is created by helping one another. Yes, interpersonal magic can change the world in many wonderful and often unexpected ways.

Do you believe in real magic?

It's the magic of sharing with others.

There is no hocus pocus in that!

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I LOVE magic and I loved this article. you are right on about the magic of blogging and the world we help to shape and co-create.

I am thrilled with the relationships, friendships and potential business partnerships that haved evolved for me since I started blogging.

Thanks for sharing and spreading the magic too!!

Kammie K.
Blogs are indeed magical in the way that they create relationships friendships and business alliances almost right out of thin air. :-)
They can indeed, and it is a wonderful feeling to see that people from all over the world can read and appreciate what we are saying.

It is so true that we just need to know that we are not alone through our difficulties, that others have made it through. It always helps to find people or situations that we can relate to, it is something invaluable.

In our fast paced and changing world today, we need to be able to find people who are like us and sometimes , in our busy lives we just don't find the time to go out and meet people. It is really interesting to see how the world as we know it is changing, and we are part of it.
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