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Sunday, January 28, 2007


Leaders' Playbook: Reldan S. Nadler - Book review

Leaders' Playbook

How to Apply Emotional Intelligence - Keys to Great Leadership

By Reldan S. Nadler, Psy.D.

ISBN: 978-0-9759477-4-6
352 pages
Publisher: Psyccess Press

How people work with and inspire others to greatness is more important than techical skill at achieving success in any business or career writes Reldan Nadler in his book Leaders' Playbook: How to Apply Emotional Intelligence - Keys to Great Leadership. The frequently discussed IQ as an indicator of success is considered less important than Emotional Intelligence by the author. In a practical hands on coaching style, Reldan Nadler provides the tools for developing star performers in any size of organization.

Reldan Nadler (photo left) outlines five of the most important component of Emotional Intelligence (EI). These traits include self confidence, teamwork and collaboration, developing skills in others, communication, and empathy. The author considers these abilities to be the most powerful guides to success. The good news from the book is that all of these skills can be learned and applied to your business and your life. The book provides a step by step course in developing and enhancing Emotional Intelligence skills in yourself and in others around you.

The author's purpose is to teach the skills necessary to develop star performers in every walk of life. The book provides concrete examples of successful individuals ranging from former US President Bill Clinton, to Google co-founder Sergei Brin, to USC football coach Pete Carroll. Instead of using the many high profile success stories as ideals, Reldan Nadler shows how their strengths and weaknesses have shaped their careers and those around them. Overcoming weaknesses that can derail success is essential if you want to climb the ladder from the ordinary to becoming a star.

The book is designed to be a playbook to meet the many challenges in business and in life. As with a football game, different plays are rquired for offence and for defence. At the same time, entirely different sets of ideas are necessary for passing plays and for a running game. Defending against both possibilities is also essential to success. As Emotional Intelligence abilities are learned, the star performer can apply their skills to any situtation. As with the plays in football, the playbook can be learned, studied, and put into practice.

For me, the real power of Leaders' Playbook: How to Apply Emotional Intelligence - Keys to Great Leadership is its design as a practical and easy to follow, step by step course. The book provides a series of vital lessons to be learned, after completion of an honest self examination, of your own current level of Emotional Intelligence. The strength of EI is that it can be learned and developed continually over a person's entire lifetime, and applied in all aspects of business and in life. Following the coaching outline of the book will almost certainly reward the reader with greater awareness of the essential people skills that lead to success.

I highly recommend Leaders' Playbook: How to Apply Emotional Intelligence - Keys to Great Leadership by Reldan S. Nadler as a must read guide to developing the star performer in yourself and in those in your organization. Anyone reading the book, and learning its lessons, will find a profound improvement in their skills as a leader in any field.

Learn the essential skills taught in Leaders' Playbook: How to Apply Emotional Intelligence - Keys to Great Leadership and achieve more than you had ever imagined possible in your business and your life.

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I've heard of this - very interesting!

Dropped by from MyBlogLog to say hello. Hope you have a wonderful day!
The book sounds great. I will check it out. You might be interested in a book I just finished, What Got You Here Won't Get You There. It is written by Marshall Goldsmith (renowned executive coach) and it covers 20 workplace habits successful people need to break to become even more successful. I heard about the book from BusinessWeek (http://www.businessweek.com/playbook/06/1228_1.htm). The book definitely made me think about my actions at work and how they either enhance or deter from my chances of being successful. Thought you (and maybe your readers) would find it thought-provoking as well. Anyway, I look forward to reading the Leaders' Playbook.
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