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Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Writing White Papers by Michael Stelzner - Book review

Writing White Papers

How to Capture Readers And Keep Them Engaged

By: Michael A. Stelzner

Published: Aug 30, 2006
ISBN: 9780977716937
Format: Hardcover, 199pp
Publisher: WhitePaperSource Pub

White papers help people make decisions writes Michael Stelzner, in his definitive book on the subject, Writing White Papers: How to Capture Readers And Keep Them Engaged. This landmark text book on white papers demonstrates their power as a marketing and client relationship building tool.

Michael Stelzner guides the reader through the entire process of white paper writing from developing a topic, through the actual writing, to using the white paper to establish thought leadership, provide education on the topic, and for building a highly targeted client base. The author points out the versatility of white papers and how they can be incorporated successfully at every point in the marketing process. More than just technical papers, the typical five to twelve page white paper can inform the readership on any topic that is relevant to their business.

Michael Stelzner (photo left) is the thought leader in the world of white papers, as a result of his writing countless successful white papers, on a myriad of subjects. As an experienced writer in the genre, he guides his readers through the entire preparation, writing, and marketing process. Not only does the author explain in detail how to write a powerful white paper that will enjoy wide readership, but perhaps more importantly, how to use the finished product as one of a business's most powerful marketing techniques.

For me, the power of the book, is in its practical step by step system for creating any number of white papers, on widely diverse topics. The author establishes a process for subject development, and for turning those ideas into widely circulated white papers. An in demand white paper can transform a business from the ordinary, to an industry thought leader, sought after for the company's demonstrated expertise in the field.

As a white paper writer's manual, the book is indispensable, and no one should consider writing a white paper without reading this book first. It's already a classic in the business and technical writing world, and an essential inclusion on any writer's shelf.

I highly recommend Writing White Papers: How to Capture Readers And Keep Them Engaged by Michael Stelzner, to anyone who is serious about writing white papers for educational, thought leadership, or marketing purposes. The value added to any company, from offering white papers to current and prospective clients, is unlimited in its client relationship building potential.

Read Writing White Papers: How to Capture Readers And Keep Them Engaged by Michael Stelzner, and you won't be able to wait, to start writing the first of many white papers, for your business.

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