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Friday, September 11, 2009


Extreme Dreams Depend On Teams by Pat Williams - Book review

Extreme Dreams Depend on Teams

By: Pat Williams

Published: July 22, 2009
Format: Hardcover, 336 pages
ISBN: 9780446407199
Publisher: Center Street

"The world has been transformed and revolutionized, again and again, by people who dreamed extreme dreams - then assembled dynamic teams to turn those dreams into reality", writes motivational speaker and Senior Vice-President and co-founder of the NBA's Orlando Magic, Pat Williams, his inspirational book Extreme Dreams Depend on Teams. The author describes in detail, how seemingly impossible dreams can turn into reality, though understanding the importance of team building as a critical leadership skill.

Pat Williams has made a career out of turning dreams into success stories, through his association with the Philadelphia 76ers and the Orlando Magic of the National Basketball Association. His secret to achieving greatness with these NBA teams was through constructing teams of talented people, and then letting them do their jobs. As a result of the author's record of team building prowess, he was often asked if the same principles could be applied effectively to business as well. For Pat Williams, the response was a resounding affirmative. The book provides analysis of how even seemingly individual success stories had effective and well managed teams working to make those great achievements possible. For Pat Williams, extreme teams depend on great teams.

Pat Williams (photo left) recognizes that modern culture often glorifies individual accomplishments, while downplaying the team aspect of that success. Crucial to the author's powerful insights into teams, is understanding that not only do superstar performers require teams to excel, but that being part of a team has a positive multiplier effect on everyone's skills, as a result of synergy. Being part of a team makes everyone involved more effective, and helps them to achieve far greater and more lasting results than any individual acting alone. Dreamers are also team builders, because without the support of many talented people performing their roles, little can be accomplished in turning grand visions into reality. For Pat Williams, to be a great leader, a person must be a great team builder as well.

For me, the power of the book is how Pat Williams recognizes the universal application of team building, as well as the need for more research into this important concept. Moving beyond his own world of sports, where teams are an obvious part of the culture, the author teaches the same concepts in every field of endeavor. The author understands the importance of a leader selling the idea of team work to everyone, and getting them to buy into the overall vision. Pat Williams knows through experience that not every team member will like every other person on the team. What is really crucial for success is that everyone work together toward the goal, regardless of personal differences. By focusing on the positive and emphasizing common ground between team members, a great team leader can overcome any
personal friction for the benefit of the dream.

I highly recommend the groundbreaking book Extreme Dreams Depend on Teams by Pat Williams, to anyone seeking a greater understanding of the vital importance of teams and team building to achieving greatness in any walk of life. At the same time Pat Williams provides insights into the role of a leader in selecting, mentoring, and developing an effective team, that has the skills necessary to achieve even greater results than even the extreme dreamer had anticipated. The leader's role is to bring out the best in the team members, and create the essential synergy that turns every one involved into star performers.

Read the insightful and motivational book Extreme Dreams Depend on Teams by Pat Williams, and dare to dream even the most extreme of dreams. By learning from the wisdom of the many great team builders referenced in the book, anyone can become a superior team leader. Without an effective and dedicated team, even the simplest of dreams can fail to reach fruition. By adding the power and talent multiplier effect of a team, however, even the grandest vision can become a life changing reality. It's true, as Pat Williams demonstrates so well, that extreme dreams do require great teams.

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