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Sunday, April 24, 2011


B2B Street Fighting by Brian J. Dietmeyer - Book review

B2B Street Fighting

Next Generation Business-to-Business Negotiation

By: Brian j. Dietmeyer

Published: 2011
Format: Perfect Paperback, 179 pages
ISBN-10: 0615368301
ISBN-13: 978-0615368306
Publisher: Think! Inc.

"It's time to redefine not only how we negotiate business-to-business deals but the nature of the deals themselves", writes President and CEO of Think! Inc., Brian J. Dietmeyer, in his results oriented and very effective book B2B Street Fighting - Next Generation Business-to-Business Negotiation. The author dispels many of the myths that have grown up around negotiation, and replaces them with a practical and reusable negotiation system, that provides a real advantage over the other side.

Brian J. Dietmeyer turns the entire field of business-to-business negotiation upside down. The author describes how the very concept of negotiation itself has changed with the downturn in the economy. The customer has become more cautious, and much more demanding during the negotiation process, rendering the traditional means of reaching an agreement obsolete. In their place, Brian Deitmeyer proposes an entirely fresh approach to negotiating deals. The author points to the following dramatic changes in the negotiation landscape that have changed the rules for bargaining:

* More professional buyers
* Increasing price focus
* More commoditization pressure
* Increasingly irrational competitive behavior
* Fewer long term, bigger, and more complex deals

Brian J. Dietmeyer (photo left) addresses each of these sea changes in the world of negotiations through the development of a repeatable negotiation process. Through a combination of planning, anticipation, and preparation, the author offers a powerful alternative to traditional negotiation techniques. With this new approach on hand, and an understanding of the standard negotiating tactics employed by the customer, negotiations becomes not only a process template, but becomes predictable as well. Brian Deitmeyer shares three counter punches to neutralize the concerns about price to a conversation about value and services. The three proposed countermeasures are:

* Consequence of No Agreement Analysis (CNA)
* Trading
* Multiple Equal Offers

For me, the power of the book is how Brian J. Dietmeyer recognizes that the entire arena of negotiations has changed dramatically, and offers a value and service based alternative negotiating strategy. The author points out that the new tactics employed by customers are really opportunities to demonstrate value to the customer. Instead of these new buyer objections being barriers to win-win deal making, Brian J. Dietmeyer shows the seller how to transform them into positives for increasing sales levels. Through greater preparation and anticipation of what the author considers predictable negotiation ploys, the seller can turn objections into added value sales.

Brian J. Dietmeyer creates an entire negotiation system that is both predictable and repeatable in any negotiating setting. What really turns the B2B system into a power tool for sellers is the development of a system employing the three proven counter punches. Each of the three techniques can be utilized to move beyond any impasse and to overcome any old school tactics. Indeed, Brian J. Dietmeyer makes it clear that generally accepted negotiation methods are no longer effective, and are even playing into the hands of today's professionally trained buyers. Instead of entering into a negotiation from a position of weakness and a belief that negotiations are somehow random and isolated events, the author provides a consistently usable process.

I highly recommend the playing field leveling book B2B Street Fighting - Next Generation Business-to-Business Negotiation by Brian J. Dietmeyer, to anyone seeking a proactive and repeatable approach to successful business-to-business negotiation. This author uses a direct and straight to the point framework for the book that reflects the process oriented negotiation strategy recommended in the book.

Read the valuable and reality based book B2B Street Fighting - Next Generation Business-to-Business Negotiation by Brian J. Dietmeyer, and discover how to overcome the barriers posed by the professional buyers. This book will not only place any business sales person on equal footing with buyers, but will give them the upper hand in negotiations. The result will be more sales and better relationships with purchasing representatives and customers in general.

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