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Sunday, December 23, 2012


Selling to the 7 Emotional Buying Styles by Greg Ferrett - Book review

Selling to the Seven Emotional Buying Styles

Make Every Sales Call Pay by Selling to Emotional Needs

By: Greg Ferrett

Published: August 27, 2012
Format: Paperback, 106 pages
ISBN-10: 0987372904
ISBN-13: 978-0987372901
Publisher: Exceptional Sales Performance

"Under the surface, behind all the research and facts, your client is still a human being and will be experiencing a range of emotions - many of which are out of their control", writes sales coach and trainer, and CEO of Exceptional Sales Performance (ESP), Greg Ferrett, in his clear and concise book Selling to the Seven Emotional Buying Styles: Make Every Sales Call Pay by Selling to Emotional Needs. The author describes how people buy based on en emotional triggers, and shares the seven basic emotional drivers that determine when if the the potential customer makes the decision to buy the product or service.

Greg Ferrett understands that business relationships are made between two people, and not between companies. With this fundamental insight in hand, the author provides an analysis of the emotional factors that have a critical impact on the client's buying decision. Greg Ferrett points out that there is a strong connection between emotion and behavior. That interaction is even more powerful with the added stress of deciding whether or not to buy or not to buy. The author presents the latest research into how the brain functions when under the emotional stress of a buying decision. Greg Ferrett provides the the triggers that create the buying decision, and how there are seven different emotional buying styles that possess their own unique characteristics and manifestations.

Greg Ferrett (photo left) recognizes that people don't buy because of rational or logical reasons, but instead out of emotional responses. The author offers powerful evidence that becoming a top performing sales representative requires an understanding of the emotional factors within the buying process. Greg Ferrett makes clear that any sales people who rely on logical and rational types of sales processes will be disappointed in their overall results.

To counter the failed logical approach to sales, Greg Ferret shares the seven emotional buying styles presented by prospective buyers. The author shows sales people how to identify, understand, and communicated effectively with each emotional personality. The seven emotional buying styles, as outlined by Greg Ferrett are as follows:

* The normal emotional style
* The hustler emotional style
* The mover emotional style
* The double checker emotional style
* The artist emotional style
* The politician emotional style
* The engineer emotional style

For me, the power of the book is how Greg Ferrett establishes a framework of the seven emotional buying styles, and provides the practical skills and techniques for connecting and building a relationship with each style of client. The author shares insights into the emotional styles of each personality type, aided by readily understood charts, and engaging cartoons. Each chapter contains a worksheet for notes and better understanding of each of the emotional buying types to guide the sales representative toward the best approach for each buying style.

Greg Garrett also assists with the identification of types by placing them in their most expected roles within an organization. Along with sharing a very hands on reference guide to each of the seven emotional buying styles, the author also provides a handy self assessment test for sales people to determine their own emotional style.

I highly recommend the the very practical and results oriented book Selling to the Seven Emotional Buying Styles: Make Every Sales Call Pay by Selling to Emotional Needs by Greg Ferrett, to any sales representative, sales managers, human resource professionals, or entrepreneurs seeking a clearer understanding of the seven emotional types, their buying styles, and their likely positions within any company. This book will change the way you think about sales, from one based on logical and rational decision making, to utilizing an approach where emotion is the dominant deciding factor.


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