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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Be Social Be Rich by Martha Giffen - Book review

Be Social Be Rich

Social Networking Your Way to Endless Profits!

By: Martha Giffen

Published: May 13, 2011
Format: Paperback, 144 pages
ISBN-10: 1461164710
ISBN-13: 978-1461164715
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

"Being social creates the 'who you knows' that propel you forward in business or in life", writes social media and networking expert, CEO of Best Kind Marketing, and author of the clear and concise book Be Social Be Rich: Social Networking Your Way to Endless Profits!. The author describes how business and professional people can utilize the engagement and connecting power of social media effectively to build their overall network to increase their business.

Martha Giffen understands the basic premise of social media is to build quality and long lasting relationships with customers and clients. Through the connection opportunities afforded by the various social media platforms, online forums, and blogs, a business person can engage current and future customers in real two way conversations. Since people do business with those who they know, like, trust and share a connection, Martha Giffen shares the right way to engage those potential customers online. The author offers her insights into the unlimited networking potential of social media, and presents not only her own proven experience, but that of other leading social media guides as well.

Martha Giffen (photo left) recognizes that success is not achieved alone, but through connections with others. She provides the tools and techniques for expanding that important circle of people you know, through open and authentic social media engagement. Martha Giffen starts with the basics of successful social media networking, and guides the reader through the entire process of becoming an effective and trusted social media networker.

Martha Giffin shares her insights in the following social media networking areas:

* Creating and using an effective elevator speech
* How to use Twitter the right way
* The effective use of Facebook
* How to get more from LinkedIn
* Going social in online forums
* Putting the power of blogs to work for you
* How to network at seminars
* Shares key insights fromWarren Whitlock, Christina Hills, and Dabney Porte

For me, the power of the book is how Martha Giffen combines the key theoretical framework, for effective social media networking, with the practical techniques to put those basic principles to work for you. The author shares her ideas in an an engaging way, with a nice blend of basic concepts, best practices and good humor. Martha Giffen stresses the importance of building relationships with the ideal customers for any business, and how to find that target audience through social media. This advice not only saves time and energy, but establishes more mutually beneficial connections with like minded people.

The author emphasizes the importance of authenticity and putting forward the real you, to build credibility, be seen as likeable, and establishing trust. Indeed, Martha Giffen demonstrates that being real is critical to social media success, and that being authentic is the real key to being an effective social media networker. The author bolsters her own concepts with added special guest chapters from well known social media guides Dabney Porte, Christina Hills,and Warren Whitlock.

I highly recommend the engaging and results oriented book Be Social Be Rich: Social Networking Your Way to Endless Profits! by Martha Giffen, to any business or professional people seeking an easy to understand and no nonsense guide to effective social media engagement. This book provides you with the techniques to utilize the networking and connection building power of social media the right way.


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