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Sunday, January 27, 2013


Rock Your Business by David Fishof - Book review

Rock Your Business

What You and Your Company Can Learn from the Business of Rock and Roll

By: David Fishof

Published: September 4, 2012
Format: Paperback, 288 pages
ISBN-10: 1936661454
ISBN-13: 978-1936661459
Publisher: BenBella Books

"In the world of rock and roll, things work a little differently, and I think these differences will be very powerful in your business", writes entertainment producer and founder of Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp™, David Fishof in his engaging and practical advice packed book Rock Your Business: What You and Your Company Can Learn from the Business of Rock and Roll. The author describes how the concepts and strategies employed successfully in the music industry are readily transferable to any business to achieve success.

David Fishof recognizes that the innovations and business acumen, displayed by the most successful rock and roll bands of all time, are a powerful source of competitive advantage for any company. The author draws a compelling parallel between the activities of a successful rock band with the strategies needed to achieve entrepreneurial success. David Fishof points out that bands are fundamentally an entrepreneurial enterprise and the music and the band members are the product. With this foundational principle in mind, the author guides the entrepreneur through the entire process of creating a hit record or a holding a profitable concert, and how those same practices and innovations can be employed effectively by any business.

David Fishof (photo left) understands that the music industry, and the bands and artists who comprise that industry, are in business. With that basic premise firmly in mind, the author demonstrates how the highly effective and innovative business practices utilized in the world of rock music can transform any business into a successful one. For the author, the simple fact that the music industry is about the people, including the larger than life superstars, provides a key insight into the heart of any company. Success revolves around the people within the organization.

The author presents a series of very powerful principles that develop chart topping and long lasting performers within the music industry. These business oriented pillars are as follows:

* Dream bigger
* Attract an audience
* Overcome enormous obstacles
* Take it to the next level

Fir me, the power of the book is how David Fishof develops and presents the correlation between the enormously effective creative and promotional practices of the music industry with the operation of any successful company. The author offers the similarities between a band finding an idea for a song or album, and how the process is taken from idea, through the studio, to the market in many different forms. These same underlying principles can be applied easily to any entrepreneurial venture.

The overarching concepts are illustrated by the author's inclusion of examples of bands putting the ideas to work in the real world. The engaging and fascinating stories and photographs of music's biggest stars also add to the appeal of the book. David Fishof makes reading and understanding the ideas easier for the reader by providing brief chapter summaries for further reference.

I highly recommend the fascinating and business success oriented book Rock Your Business: What You and Your Company Can Learn from the Business of Rock and Roll by David Fishof, to any entrepreneurs, business leaders, marketers, and anyone seeking an entertaining, insightful, and hands on idea filled guide to building a more profitable business. This book will take your company to new heights, and change your business to one consisting of rock stars.


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