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Monday, February 11, 2013


Networking Is Dead: Making Connections That Matter by Melissa G. Wilson & Larry Mohl - Book review

Networking Is Dead

Making Connections That Matter

By: Melissa G. Wilson, Larry Mohl

Published: November 6, 2012
Format: Paperback, 224 pages
ISBN-10: 193785602X
ISBN-13: 978-1937856021
Publisher: BenBella Books

"Networking has gotten such a bad name, especially in this new world of social networking. I prefer to call it what it should be, making connections that matter", write Founder and President of Networlding, Melissa G. Wilson; and Chief Innovation Officer and founding partner of Performance Inspired, Inc., Larry Mohl, in their engaging and idea packed business fable Networking Is Dead: Making Connections That Matter. The authors, through the medium of a business parable format, describe a fresh approach to the traditional concept of networking by building high quality, and deep business relationships based on shared values.

Melissa G. Wilson (photo left) and Larry Mohl understand the value and importance of making connections that go beyond the surface and form deep, long lasting relationships. Through the narrative, the authors share the story of a collection of engaging, yet very typical business people who learn a new philosophy for making connections.

The protagonists replace their ineffective traditional methods of networking, including the most popular online and social media techniques, with the goal of making deep and meaningful connections. The people in the fable discover the power and importance of telling a story, of giving to others first with the goal of offering value, and learning how to make connections between other people through sharing introductions.

Larry Mohl (photo left) and Melissa G. Wilson recognize that the internet in general, and social media in particular, have added new dimensions to the concept of networking. Where the authors depart from that conventional wisdom is through the necessity for establishing meaning and depth to those social media created relationships. For the authors, that transformation in thinking and approach involve going much more deeply in connecting with people who have shared values. Those deeper connections can then be leveraged to make more connections with others, and between other people as well.

The authors present the following ten meaningful connection building lessons through the narrative in the business fable:

* Define your Why
* Create quality over quantity
* Dig below the surface
* Have your authentic story ready to go
* Give first
* Upgrade your network - five levels of exchange
* Learn to make great introductions
* Expand your circle of connections
* Make your progress and commitment visible to others
* Inspire others

For me, the power of the book is how Melissa G. Wilson and Larry Mohl share their revolutionary and deep connection building concepts through a narrative that illustrates the principles in action. The authors present their alternative to traditional networking, based on quality over quantity, through the actions and dialogue of the characters in the business parable. Because the conventional wisdom, of establishing as wide a range of networks as possible, is so ingrained in business thinking, the vehicle of the fable presents the fresh thinking in an engaging and understandable format.

The ten principles of deep, meaningful connections are offered, in ten separate chapters, that demonstrate how and why quality over quantity and giving to others, form a stronger foundation for building lasting relationships. At the end of each chapter, the authors summarize the key lessons and take away tips for each of the ten ideas. As a result, the book is effective whether read as a business parable, or as a series of techniques for establishing long term connections.

I highly recommend the entertaining and connection building book Networking Is Dead: Making Connections That Matter by Melissa G. Wilson and Larry Mohl, to any business leader, executive, manager, sales or media representative, or entrepreneur seeking an effective and proven method for transforming old fashioned networking into more effective and quality oriented connections. With this new set of principles in action, there is no need to revert to outmoded and less effective networking methods again.


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Thanks for this very thorough review, Wayne. What makes our book special, we hope, is that it is backed by two decades or more of research and testing by Larry and me, both in Fortune 500 companies like Motorola and American Express and with thousands of entrepreneurs.

We really appreciate your insights. I personally also offer anyone who reads the book a free electronic version of the Networlding Guidebook if one sends me an email that they have read the book.


Thanks for such a thorough review. I would add that if anyone would like one of my e-guidebooks that help people move even further with our model, just email me at networlding@gmail.com.
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