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Monday, February 04, 2013


The E-Factor: Entrepreneurship in the Social Media Age by Adrie Reinders & Marion Freijsen - Book review

The E-Factor

Entrepreneurship in the Social Media Age

By: Adrie Reinders, Marion Freijsen

Published: November 6, 2012
Format: Hardcover, 208 pages
ISBN-10: 1935618180
ISBN-13: 978-1935618188
Publisher: BenBella Books

"Today;s entrepreneurial community serves as an energizing hub that brings together results already achieved and opportunities yet to come", write co-founder and CEO of EFactor Corp,. Adrie Reinders; and co-founder and COO of EFactor Corp., Marion Freijsen, in their real world experience and wisdom filled book The E-Factor: Entrepreneurship in the Social Media Age. The authors describe how the internet and social media have transformed the entrepreneurial marketplace, and share the concept of how entrepreneurs are leading the new business revolution.

Adrie Reinders (photo left) and Marion Freijsen recognize that entrepreneurs and the very nature of entrepreneurship has changed with the emergence of the digital age. In the past, entrepreneurs often worked in isolation, while the business start-up leaders of today work as collaborative effort in a global environment. The authors point out that entrepreneurs seek to discover fresh solutions to existing problems, and to overcome the inertia of the status quo. As a result, entrepreneurs are the vanguard on the forefront of the online social media revolution.

The authors provide evidence that these born entrepreneurs to be found anywhere, in all walks of life, and are younger than ever before. This new breed of business creator is willing and able to take full advantage of technology in the globalized economy.

Marion Freijsen (photo left) and Adrie Reinders understand that while this new wave of younger entrepreneurs possess proven abilities to build relationships and collaborate online, they often face challenges with meeting others in face to face business settings. The authors also point out that while many entrepreneurs achieved success without formal or advanced education, today's business people no longer face that dichotomy, as universities have adapted to the new world of entrepreneurship.

The authors present an excellent overview that bridges the gaps between traditional business practices and the modern technological world;as well as filling the gaps between existing life experience and successful business skills.

The authors share their wisdom and experience in the following areas:

* What today's entrepreneur looks like
* Obstacles to overcome
* New tools of engagement: The world of social media
* New Connections: Virtual networking
* New working environments: Collaboration on a cloud
* New Mindset: Entrepreneurial philosophy 2.0
* A new vision for today's entrepreneurs

For me, the power of the book is how Adrie Reinders and Marion Freijsen combine a powerful and proven theoretical framework, with the practical and real world tested strategies and tactics to transform entrepreneurial dreams into reality. The authors present a comprehensive overview of the new entrepreneurial landscape, and offer guidance to the new breed of entrepreneur in overcoming the challenges presented by the global economy. The authors share their own proven practices for obtaining funding, learning essential new skills, and for networking effectively both online and offline.

The entrepreneurs enhance their guidance with the inclusion of an entire section outlining the mistakes and pitfalls that caused entrepreneurs to fail in their ventures. The authors share the lessons necessary to avoid or overcome these frequent mistakes. The book also contains a complete section on entrepreneurial successes. The authors present the stories of these achievers and how they made connections, negotiated effectively, and marketed their products and services in a social media based marketplace. The authors also provide a fresh vision for entrepreneurs that both enlightens and inspires new business start-ups.

I highly recommend the clear and concise book The E-Factor: Entrepreneurship in the Social Media Age by Adrie Reinders and Marion Freijsen, to any would be or current entrepreneurs seeking real world tested strategies for achieving success in their businesses and start-up ventures. This book will transform any entrepreneur into a new and exciting business success story.


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